COVID Can’t Stop Good: Impact March-October 2020

We recently compiled high-level impact numbers to demonstrate the work PWW teams in both Haiti & Honduras have continued to provide in spite of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for communities across the globe.

Following is a snapshot of March through October, 2020, with impactful work continuing:

  • 464 families (>2,300 people) participated in carbon credit monitoring evaluations. During these evaluations, all families were trained on COVID-19 prevention practices, including proper handwashing.
  • 838 people received in-person training on COVID-19 and Dengue Fever prevention.
  • 220 teachers received virtual training on COVID-19 prevention practices.
  • 23 organizations received training on COVID-19 prevention practices and the importance of household water treatment.
  • 4 Emergency Latrines with Handwashing Stations constructed in Trojes, Honduras, benefiting >600 people.
  • 1 emergency handwashing station installed in Maraita Municipality, serving approximately 400 people who visit the Mayor each day. And, 1 emergency handwashing station installed in the Triaje Center.
  • 2 School WASH Stations constructed, providing a safe place for students to use the bathroom, wash hands, manage menstrual cycles, and drink clean water when they return to school again next year.
  • 7 Rainwater Harvesting Systems constructed in local schools.
  • 3 emergency handwash stations installed in local schools.
  • Handwashing and mask-wearing instructional posters placed around towns (at banks, supermarkets, border offices, and health centers), reaching well over 50,000 local residents.
  • >150,000 people reached with COVID-prevention Public Service Announcements via television and radio in Haiti.
  • 7 instructional videos, covering a variety of topics, created for distribution across Creole- and Spanish-speaking communities.
  • Tippy-Tap construction videos, in both Spanish and Creole, distributed online across Central America and Haiti, inspired hundreds of families (or more) to build tippy-taps at their homes.
  • Teacher training programs transitioned to online platform, allowing PWW training and consulting teams to continue providing WASH training now and extending training channels and reach in the future.
  • Global Handwashing Day 2020: “Hand Hygiene for All”
    • Honduras:
      • 30 students and 20 teachers reached with in-person activities,
      • 51 teachers reached via a virtual celebration, with 50 children who prepared activities.
      • 2,900+ people participated via FACEBOOK live
    • Haiti
      • 49 in-person participants learned proper handwashing practices and made the commitment to share the information with family members, which, in turn, has the potential to reach 147 people in the Pistere community.

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