The Water Princess: 8-Year-Old Shares Gift of Safe Water

Guest blog, written by John Hill, long-time PWW supporter

I first visited Haiti in 1998 with my daughter (Hattie) and friends from our Methodist Church in Kalamazoo, MI. This was my epiphany, and Haiti is “stuck” in my heart! During my trips I was exposed to a water purification technology (Bio-Sand Filters) that was most compelling and seemed like a “simple” way to make a difference in the lives of those who desperately needed this lifesaving resource.

So compelling is the critical importance of water, that I have told this story to anyone who would listen, including our great “family” friends, Adam, Julianne, and daughters Kathryn (10), and “Little Carolyn” (8 – named after my wife). Adam works for the State Department, which has exposed Kathryn and Carolyn to many diverse languages and cultures – Turkey, Spain, Japan, Austria, with Poland next.

One of the chats I had with Little Carolyn “stuck”, thus asking me how she could help. I challenged her to work together with her family, friends and school mates to raise one-half of the funds needed to provide a clean water filter to be placed in a Haitian home, and I would match the amount. To my great joy, Carolyn’s check arrived, as well as her blog.

“Why is clean water important to you?”

I read “The Water Princess” by Susan Verde. I was inspired to help people get clean water. People should be safe when they drink water. In the book, girls had to walk miles each day to get water to drink for their families. The girls could not go to school because they had to get the water and clean it. I don’t think that is fair.

How did you raise the funds to help purchase a water filter?

I talked to my Uncle John and made a plan. I used my December allowance and got my sister, Kathryn, to donate hers too. My parents and grandparents helped too! We raised $150!!

What do you plan to do in the future to make sure people have clean water around the world?

I will talk about clean water with my friends. Talking with children is good because they will want to help. I want to do more too!”

Pure Water for the World extends our heartfelt gratitude to John, Little Carolyn, family and friends who came together to make clean, safe water a reality for a family in Haiti. They may never meet this grateful family, but their generous gift is life-changing, providing not just clean water but the foundation for a future with improved health and renewed hope. Thank you so very much!