Bringing WASH to Pistere, Haiti

January 2021 has come with the launch of PWW’s work on the Rotary International Global Grant 1981543 in Pistere, Haiti. Thanks to the generous support of dedicated Rotarians, Rotary District 6290,  Rotary District 6600, Rotary District 7020, Rotary District 5390, many Rotary Clubs, and Rotary International, this new project will bring sustainable, life-changing clean water to 400 families who currently subsist on water heavily contaminated with e.coli and other pathogens.

The official launch ceremony took place on Sunday, January 24, with local leaders, Haitian Rotary Club members, members of local organizations and members of the community.

“If there is one thing that I have learned from my experiences with my Haitian brothers and sisters, it is perseverance. So, while the task in getting this most worthy project has been 2 years in the making, with many obstacles, it has been made easier because of the examples of determination that I have witnessed. Because of them, this project has been “easy”!” – John Hill, Vermilion Rotary Club, District 6600

Family trainings have begun, with smaller training groups and socially distanced. During these trainings, families learn more about the causes and carriers of waterborne pathogens as well as important practices to prevent contracting and spreading waterborne illnesses. They are introduced to the biosand water filters and learn how these filters will effectively remove harmful pathogens that currently exist in their water source. These classes are required of all families who will participate in the program.





There is no widespread access to Internet or television service in rural Pistere. To spread the word about PWW’s clean water launch meeting and family training programs, PWW’s volunteer Community Agents use megaphones and travel through the communities to share the good news!


Also in Pistere, PWW is honored to partner with Soaring Unlimited Haiti, an organization which has served the nation of Haiti for more than 25 years with health, nutrition, education, and sanitation ministries. Soaring Unlimited operates a medical center in rural Pistere, Haiti, which serves 100-150 patients and community members every week. The center provides medical care and health/nutrition education to community members, supports schoolchildren and provides a space for after school activities, and offers a variety of community events.

The medical center is growing with the construction of the Women’s Health & Birth Center. The center’s goal is to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

PWW recently completed the construction of a WASH station to serve the Soaring Medical Clinic and Women’s Health & Birth Center. The WASH station includes two bathrooms, with toilets and handwashing facilities, as well as a shower, providing a safe and private place for visitors and protecting the health and wellbeing of the children, families and greater community of Pistere.

“Soaring Unlimited is grateful to partner with Pure Water for the World in Haiti, where collaboration is so greatly needed! Our new PWW WASH Station is a dream come true and will revolutionize life on our Medical Clinic Campus for Soaring Staff who live and work on-site, for our patients who visit for health care services, and for the future of our women’s birth center currently under construction. Such a quality facility lends to the sanitation, health, and dignity of our faith-based nonprofit, and the people and communities we serve in Haiti. Many thanks to everyone involved in designing, building, and helping fund our new WASH station!”  ~Rev. Dr. Laura Alexander Elliott, Missionary & Executive Director, Soaring Unlimited Haiti





We are excited to be working with the people of Pistere, providing the tools and education to protect their health and improve their lives.