World Water Day 2021: PWW In Action

March 22nd is World Water Day: Valuing Water

“Safe water is medicine.” This is a quote we have heard more than once from families we have worked with in both Haiti and Honduras. Access to this most precious resource has quite literally saved the lives of their family members and transformed their futures.

For over 22 years, PWW has focused on empowering people, living in underserved communities, to gain sustainable access to this basic necessity for life. The value of water for the families and communities PWW serves is simple: water is life. Safe water is the foundation for good health, new hope, and provides the key to opening doors to life’s future.

In celebration of World Water Day 2021, PWW teams across the globe will be taking action and encouraging others to consider what it means to “value water.” 

The PWW Vermont team will be hosting the H2O=Health, Hope & Opportunity Virtual Auction. With a robust online auction platform, provided to PWW courtesy of AWT (Association of Water Technologies), bidders will enjoy the fun of an auction, shopping for unique items, from the comfort and safety their own homes. Even better, this is shopping that directly benefits safe water for children and families in need! 

Auction bidding begins March 18th, but you can take a sneak peek at the ever-growing list of auction items by clicking here. Below are just a few of the many unique items that will be up for bid!



The PWW Honduras team is participating in a national cluster meeting today, with UNICEF as well as other organizations and government entities, to talk about emergency WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) response in Honduras and the pros and cons of household water treatment technologies.

Next week, PWW’s WASH Training and Consulting Team will be joined by UNICEF and the Secretary of Education to host a Learning Exchange with 100+ teachers from municipalities across the country who have already participated in PWW WASH-in-schools training programs. The group will share experiences and plan for integration of WASH concepts into classes once school commences.


The PWW Haiti team will celebrate World Water Day 2021 in Pistere, Haiti (near Cap Haitien) where they are currently working on a 400-family safe water program.

The PWW team will collaborate with partner, Soaring Unlimited, to host a “Water2Me” conference with leaders of the community of Pistere, families participating in the program and community workers. Together the group will discuss the vital role water plays in society and proactive steps every community member can take to protect valuable water resources.


Stay tuned for WWD photos and stories to come!

How do YOU value water? We hope you will join PWW in celebration of water and the powerful, invaluable role it plays in life.