California High School Student Taking Action

Guest blog, written by Sneha Sundar, student founder of A Drink for Humanity

My name is Sneha Sundar. I am a high schooler in California learning about the scarcity of water around the world. My community, privileged in many ways, has never had to bear the burden of this scarcity and can rely on access to clean water and sanitation at our fingertips. In the past year, I’ve begun to learn and understand the responsibility this privilege brings.

During a trip to Cambodia I took early last January, I witnessed firsthand the lack of clean water affecting children in schools and families across many rural communities. After a day of befriending these children, the guilt of taking all the resources we had back home for granted began to weigh on me. These children, with so little, never once complained about their issues. Yet, I knew that I had the responsibility and ability to try and make a difference.


When I first heard about PWW, it was through a simple internet search. Thoroughly impressed by the work they were doing, I reached out and hoped there was an opportunity there to make a difference.

After being welcomed with nothing but support and guidance, I implemented their mission into a small organization back home, A Drink For Humanity. At our organization, we use the strategies already being employed by Pure Water for the World and hope to raise awareness about water scarcity and the power we have to make a difference.

I am so grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained, the brilliant people I’ve met, and the opportunity to be a part of a mission so much greater than me. The work done by everyone at PWW humbles me, and I hope that we continue to make a difference every day.


Edward (left) and Sneha (right), representing A Drink for Humanity, join PWW board member, Rye Thompson (center) at a PWW fundraising event in early 2020.

PWW is grateful for Sneha and the team of A Drink for Humanity. Thank you for sharing your passion to make a life-changing impact in the world!
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