World Water Day 2021 a Success!

The theme for World Water Day 2021, held on March 22, was the “Value of Water.” Pure Water for the World, Inc teams hosted events in Haiti, Honduras and the USA celebrating this precious resource and talking about what it means to really value water.

World Water Day 2021 in Vermont

Huge thanks go out to all bidders, donors and supporters of PWW’s inaugural H2O=Health, Hope & Opportunity World Water Day Virtual Auction. With your support, PWW raised over $7,000, which will provide critical safe water solutions to those who value water and yet remain in high need of this irreplaceable resource. Thank you!

With a robust online auction platform, provided to PWW courtesy of AWT (Association of Water Technologies), bidders enjoyed shopping, bidding and giving, all from the comfort of their own homes. Items donated ranged from handcrafted jewelry and specialty foods from across the country, to beautiful artwork and unique destination vacations.

We are excited about the opportunity to host the 2nd annual H2O=Health, Hope & Opportunity Virtual Auction in celebration of World Water Day 2022!

World Water Day 2021 in Haiti

The PWW team joined forces with our friends at Soaring Unlimited in Pistere to host a day of awareness-raising activities focused on the importance and management of water resources.

The PWW team began by sharing information about the water cycle and the importance of water, with a goal of helping families better understand the value of water in their everyday lives. The team then engaged the 35 participants (25 women and 10 men) in a lively discussion about the value of water.

After a visit to the local hand pump, PWW WASH Training Coordinator, Junior Seraphin, further engaged the group to discuss the different aspects to consider with regard to valuation of water, including: water sources, hydraulic infrastructures, hydrological services, water as an input for production and socio-economic activity, and promotion of socio-cultural aspects of water. 

By the end of the session, all 35 participants were able to confidently discuss the true value of water, as well as what actions they can each take to better protect this precious resource. Participants were also able to understand and explain the fact that water has a complex value, which far exceeds its price, whether it is for their homes, cultures, health, education, economy or the integrity of their natural environment.

“Water is an essential element of life. Essential for quenching thirst and for protecting health; water is also vital for creating jobs and supporting economic, social and human development. The World Water Day celebrated by Pure Water for the World on March 22 each year is held to draw everyone’s attention to the importance of clean water and to advocate for the sustainable management of water resources in Haiti. This day is an opportunity to encourage more people to become aware of water issues and to inspire them to take the necessary measures to make a difference in water management.” – Junior Seraphin (pictured center)

World Water Day 2021 in Honduras

The PWW WASH Training and Consulting Team in Honduras, along with UNICEF and the Honduras Ministry of Education, hosted a virtual World Water Day Learning Exchange for teachers throughout Honduras. Initially, the team anticipated 227 teachers to be participating in the online event.

Due to the continued shutdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the team in Honduras had to pivot the World Water Day celebration this year to an online platform. PWW workshops are intentionally hands-on, participatory events. With the move to online, there was a challenge to translate this format to a virtual platform. What’s more, the workshop is typically held over an 8-hour, one day time period, but, with the switch to virtual, the workshop had to be modified accordingly.

Additional, there was a steep learning curve for some participants, as they worked with the technology. Furthermore, in some places, access to stable internet connection and/or access to a reliable laptop or smartphone created additional complications.

Given the varied logistical challenges of hosting an online event in Honduras, we are thrilled to share that the number of participants actually far exceeded initial expectations. Rather than 227 teachers, the event welcomed 580 teachers and students who joined in, participating in lessons and sharing songs, stories and poems, for this first-ever PWW Honduras Virtual World Water Day event!   

We would like to thank all who joined PWW in the US, Haiti and Honduras to celebrate World Water Day 2021. Thank you for helping to spread the word about the undeniable, irreplaceable, invaluable “value of water” and its absolute essentialness to good health and prosperity!