When She Grows Up…

The PWW team in Honduras recently interviewed girls who live in the region of Maraita to learn about their dreams for the future. With PWW actively working in their communities, these girls are already learning about the critical importance of clean water, safe sanitation and essential hygiene practices, as fundamental tools to protect their health, support their ability to achieve an education, and empower them to reach for their dreams.

In celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021, we are featuring a few of these inspiring young women:


Meet Fabiola Rachel Moncada Galo.

Fabiola is 11 years old. Her favorite color is electric blue. She lives in Las Quebradas, Maraita. When she grows up, she wants to be a lawyer.

Meet Fernanda Maricela Oseguera Galo.

Fernanda is 7 years old. She live in the Agujas, Maraita. Her favorite color is pink. When she grows up, she wants to be a preacher.




Meet Diana Maricela Espinal. 

Diana (pictured left with mother and sisters) is 14 years old and lives in  Terreritos, Maraita. Her favorite color is pink, and she wants to be a stylist when she grows up.

Meet triplets, Shirley, Isis and Shadia Vargas Montano.

All three girls are 12 years old and live in the town of Maraita. Shirley and Isis are both interested in becoming doctors, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. Shadia shares the interest in studying medicine.




With reliable access to clean water and safe sanitation at their homes and schools, combined with the ability to confidently manage their hygiene, including their monthly menstrual cycles, these blossoming young women are empowered to stay in school, achieve an education and reach for their dreams.

If you feel inspired, please consider making a donation to support other young women, like Fabiola, Fernanda, Diana, Shirley, Isis and Shadia. With your help, together, we will continue to empower girls, boys, women and men with the foundation for health, hope and opportunity!