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PWW’s Ride for Safe Water 2021 will restore safe, clean water to over 300 people who lost their community water system, their only access to safe water, during the 2020 Honduras hurricanes.

Fundraising Goal: Raise $4,815 by July 31, 2021

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This summer, join riders from Vermont, to Virginia, to Colorado, to California in a collective effort to raise funds that will bring critically needed, reliable access to safe water to over 300 people currently living without access to the basic necessity for human health and survival. Our youngest committed rider is just 5 years old! Whether it be a family adventure, a biking group, or a solo ride, your bike ride will save lives. Click here to get started.


PWW has been working in the very rural, underserved Trojes region of Honduras (located along the southern Honduras-Nicaragua border) since 2009, implementing life-changing safe water and sanitation programs and providing essential hygiene education. To date, PWW has reached families across 156 of the 320+ rural, dispersed communities in the region.

The Need

In November of 2020, in the span of just two weeks, two significant hurricanes, Hurricanes Eta and Iota, ravaged through Trojes, causing widespread and significant destruction in the areas where PWW teams live and work.

The storms caused substantial damage, tearing down hillsides, washing out roads, demolishing family homes and farmland, and destroying established safe water and sanitation systems. There has been grave concern about the lack of access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene and the impending spread of diseases among the communities most heavily impacted by the storms.

With so much destruction across the country, SANAA, the Honduras National Agency of Water and Sanitation, reached out to PWW for disaster relief help in Trojes. SANAA conducted an assessment of community water systems that were severely damaged, resulting in families losing access to their clean water sources. PWW has been working closely with SANAA, local government officials, and the local churches to prioritize needs and help impacted families.

One of the communities heavily impacted by the storms was Villa Nueva Abajo. With widespread landslides destroying their community water system, all of the families who live in Villa Nueva Abajo currently have no access to safe water, resulting in significantly increased risk to the health and livelihood of all community members.

The cost of restoring the community water system is $4,815. This includes all materials, labor, and transportation. This will also fund the training of the Villa Nueva Abajo Water Board on the following: Water System Management, Financial planning, Maintenance, and Water Security Plan.

Riders and supporters of the Ride for Safe Water 2021 will restore access to clean water for more than 300 people and empower the community with the knowledge to efficiently maintain and proactively protect their water systems for the future.  

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