Donate (almost) Anything with a Motor

By Tracy Adams, PWW Office and Donor Relations Manager

I am so excited to share that Pure Water for the World is now able to accept the donation of almost anything with a motor!

Sound too good to be true? It is not.

Too hard to bother? It is not that either.

I speak from experience. A few years ago I wanted to move on from my trusty 2002 Nissan Sentra. I wanted to be able to make a difference to a charity I hold dear to my heart so, instead of bothering to haggle for a trade-in, I donated my Sentra through a car donation program.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I followed the link on the charities website (PWW’s is here: ) and filled out the information, type of vehicle, who I was, email address, phone number. Within a day I had an email back, and within a week I had a date set for pickup. On that day, I left my car unlocked in my driveway with the keys and title in it. When I got home from work, it was gone. No hassles; no waiting around for pick up; super easy.

Then, about a month later, I received all the information I needed to be able to claim the donation on my taxes. Best of all my charity of choice got a significant donation that I would not have been able to give any other way!

Do you have something with a motor taking up space in your garage, driveway or yard?

Running or not, you can donate: cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, campers, off-road vehicles, planes, heavy equipment, farm machinery, and most other motorized vehicles. So there isn’t much that you can’t donate to help share safe water, sanitation and hygiene education with those in the most rural underserved communities of Haiti and Honduras.

Still have some questions? Feel free to email me at and I would be happy to guide you through the process.