PWW Closes the Books on Fiscal Year 2021

We have just closed the books on our 2021 fiscal year. While it was surely a unique year, filled with unparalleled challenges, thanks to so many generous supporters, we were able to accomplish so much good!

The year began with PWW team members in the US, as well as those in the main offices in Honduras and Haiti, adjusting to working virtually. Team members in the rural areas of Honduras and Haiti, however, having been recognized as essential workers and equipped with face masks and protective gear, continued working diligently to reach families with much needed access to safe water and sanitation, as well as providing essential hygiene education, including effective handwashing.

In this unprecedented year, two hurricanes stormed through Central America, heavily impacting Trojes, Honduras, where PWW team members live and work, causing significant damage. PWW was called upon to provide critical relief, including help with restoring access to safe water for thousands of impacted people. Relief work continues, with a goal of being completed this fall.


In Haiti, the PWW team faced extraordinary barriers to reaching communities outside of Port-au-Prince, due to political instability, complicated by gang activity and the pandemic.

However, a new project in northern Haiti, in the Limonade region near Cap Haitïen, was launched, with hundreds of families in the communities of Pistere and Dereal gaining reliable access to safe water, in their homes, for the first time ever.

Stay tuned for much more information about our plans for expanding impactful WASH work in northern Haiti, coming soon!

In support of our partner, Soaring Unlimited, the PWW Haiti team designed and constructed a beautiful WASH station (pictured below) at Soaring’s Medical Clinic, also located in Pistere. This incredible facility is complete with a tiled shower and two private bathrooms and will support patients and visitors to the clinic and new birth center.

In this exceptional year, PWW was selected by UNICEF Honduras to conduct work in the “dry corridor” of El Paraiso, a region known for drought. As part of a comprehensive program, the team trained water boards and helped establish water security plans. They worked to repair water systems and construct rainwater harvesting systems in order to provide sufficient water quality and quantity. They installed ceramic filters, as they require less water than the biosand filters. They also delivered WASH trainings to families and schoolteachers, reaching over 7,300 people.

Also unprecedented, the Honduras team found themselves helping families from Haiti. As part of a massive migration, Haitians (along with others from a variety of countries) began a long journey north, coming through Trojes, an entry point to Honduras from Nicaragua. Lacking adequate facilities to accommodate the unexpected and large number of migrants, UNICEF Honduras reached out to PWW with a request to partner and help with providing safe water, sanitation and handwashing facilities, as well as essential hygiene supplies. This work not only addresses the health of the migrants, but it also protects the safety and sanitation of the Trojes community.

In a year like no other, PWW was able to overcome obstacles, launch into new projects, and deliver life-changing results to over 24,700 people. The accomplishments of FY2021 were only made possible by incredibly generous supporters.

Please click here to see our Fiscal Year 2021 Impact Summary.

We cannot thank you enough for standing strong with us and investing in this transformational work. You are helping to provide the lasting foundation for improved health and renewed hope, supporting children and their families today…and for generations to come.