Featured Business Supporter: Sun & Sea Jewelry

Written by Ella Bandelin, High School Senior/Co-Owner of Sun & Sea Jewelry

Sun & Sea Jewelry became a partner with Pure Water for The World after searching for an organization dedicated to providing clean water access to everyone.

Growing up I loved and still love collecting different unique sea glass pieces from the ocean. I would spend hours collecting piece after piece on our vacations to Hawaii or at home here in California. I like the fact that every piece of sea glass, tumbled for 20-40 years in the ocean, has its own individuality. Sea glass is imperfect and one of a kind, so I love using personal artistic expression to create beautiful pieces of jewelry for everyone out of it.

For most of my life I’ve enjoyed drinking water, and I never really knew how much of a privilege it is until now. I decided to donate some of my jewelry earnings to Pure Water for the World, to make sure that children, families, and communities in developing countries can drink clean water.

About Sun and Sea

We are Sun and Sea Jewelry Shop! Run by two seniors in high school. We love collecting sea glass here at the California beaches and love making jewelry from them!

Sun and Sea Jewelry is proud to support Pure Water for the World, an organization dedicated to increasing access to clean water for those in need. 20% of our proceeds will help fund Pure Water for the World’s efforts to implement critical infrastructure, increase education, and improve health outcomes in the communities they serve.

Ella and Natalie have been friends since preschool. They are excited to be working together, making beautiful jewelry that changes lives.

Thank you Ella and Natalie for sharing your time, talents and passions, by not only creating beautiful and unique jewelry, but allowing it to be a channel of support to empower children and families with sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. Your contributions will help to provide the lasting foundation for health, hope and opportunity.