Featured Business Supporter: SWOSH

Announcing PWW’s newest business supporter…Swosh.

Shared with permission from Swosh:

We are proud to partner with Pure Water for the World!

Swosh Company is a Canadian company built on the vision to protect the environment and provide clean quality water through an innovated solution. Billions of people lack access to clean drinking water everyday. Of those who do have clean water, plastic bottles with microplastics and chemicals are currently one of the leading causes of water pollution and environmental damage. At Swosh, we recognize the importance of access to clean water AND a clean environment. For this reason, the Swosh bottle was designed.

Swosh bottles are self-cleaning smart bottles. Each bottle is programmed to use UVC light technology to ensure a 100% chemical-free sterilization process. This cleaning method not only eliminates up to 99.9% of pathogens in water, but it leaves behind no harmful chemicals. The technology works on multiple water sources such as rivers, streams, glaciers and your everyday tap water. The bottles are made with 316 quality stainless steel and specially designed with extra smart features such as a water reminder, temperature reader and a touch LED display.

By partnering with PWW, we plan to make clean water more accessible to those who aren’t able to simply turn on the tap and fill up their glass. Together we can make this vision a reality. Every bottle purchased contributes to organizations dedicated to provide clean water and environmental protection.

You can visit our Facebook/Instagram (@swoshcompany) or website to learn more about our company: www.swoshcompany.com.

Thank you, Swosh, for selecting PWW and supporting our collective commitment to clean, safe water for all!