Global IMPACTOR Student Showcase: Pure Water for the World

Amanda Breheny teaches Spanish at Queensbury Middle School. While the pandemic certainly created challenges to teaching, Amanda didn’t let those challenges slow down her creativity. Amanda jumped into a program teaching her students how to be good digital global citizens and invited Pure Water for the World to be part of this unique opportunity!

“Queensbury Middle School students worked with Pure Water for the World. They learned 2.2 BILLION people lack access to clean safe water,” Amanda shared. “I challenged my students to create videos to teach the world about PWW. We wanted the families in Trojes, Honduras to know they are not forgotten and we will help. Through social media, students were able to raise money to purchase a water filtration system for a family in Honduras.”

As a result of her amazing work, Time Magazine featured Amanda as one of 29 educators who “saved the pandemic school year”! (see news story).

Photo: Courtesy Time Magazine Article (source).

“Amanda has been a longtime supporter of PWW’s mission and included that passion into her curriculum. This year was extra special as members of the PWW were able to join Amanda and her students virtually in their classroom as they learned about water and PWW’s work in Honduras, all while working on their Spanish!” said Jamin Gelder, Deputy Director, PWW. “The students were asked to share what water means to them…and they delivered! Check out this video to hear their perspective and how they share the work of PWW. Thank you, Amanda and thank you to your students!”

The entire PWW team congratulates Amanda Breheny on her much deserved recognition by Time Magazine, and we share our heartfelt gratitude for your commitment to integrating PWW into your digital classroom and helping students understand the global water issues. Muchas gracias!!