Clean Water is Health & Hope in Haiti

“My name is Monchère Claudette. I’m from Limonade, Pistère (Haiti). Six people live in my house; three are my children. The first child is 18 years old, the second child is 14 years old, and the youngest is 8. My children used to have stomachaches and diarrhea in the past, but now they are drinking the clean water from our filter and they are healthy. I want to say thank you to Pure Water for the World.”

Thanks to generous funding from Rotary International and many passionate Rotarians, this year PWW has been working to bring 400 families comprehensive safe water and hygiene solutions. These families live in the underserved communities of Pistère and Deréal, Haiti located in the Limonade commune near Cap-Haïtien (the largest city in northern Haiti).

Families living in these communities suffer from a severe lack of access to safe water and sanitary infrastructure. Water-related illnesses, including typhoid, persistent diarrhea, intestinal parasites and worms, skin diseases, and many infections are chronic and widespread, heavily impacting children and adults throughout the region.

Pierre Arloude also lives in Pistère with her two children. “When we drink the filtered water, it keeps us healthy.”

Pierre shares that she no longer has to spend money to purchase clean water for her family, freeing up these precious funds for other essentials. She is very grateful. She offers her heartfelt gratitude to PWW and to the generous donors who made this life-changing project possible.

This holiday season, you can help share joy and support a healthier, brighter future for 200+ more families, like Monchère Claudette’s and Pierre Arloude’s families.
Donate today and change lives for generations to come.