Closing Fiscal Year 2022

On June 30th, we closed the books on fiscal year 2022, having reached thousands of individuals living in underserved communities in Haiti and Honduras with life’s most basic necessities: safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

This past year, PWW teams were able to reach more than 2,600 community members, living in eight communities located in rural and underserved areas of Haiti and Honduras. While the total number of communities and people PWW has served continues to grow, the impact of our work is not measured by numbers alone. PWW’s comprehensive and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programming has expanded as we build on our core WASH training and consulting services, upgrade our monitoring and evaluation process to better measure and support efficacy, incorporate additional WASH offerings at healthcare facilities, and partner with other organizations to support and/or facilitate the implementation of effective WASH programs.

Please continue reading for highlights from fiscal year 2022.

In Honduras, the PWW team stayed busy, reaching more communities in Maraita,  Danlí, and Trojes. Our WASH training and consulting services continue to broaden our reach of WASH education across Central America, with the team having conducted trainings for organizations in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.



Adding to our continued work in households, schools, and with community water systems, the Honduras team began expanding the implementation of comprehensive WASH resources in remote healthcare facilities. We also completed rehabilitation of eight community water systems that had been destroyed by Hurricanes Eta and Iota in November, 2020.

In Haiti, as a result of ongoing instability in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, PWW relocated our headquarters from the capital to the northern city of Limonade, located near Cap-Haïtien. The move has allowed our Haiti operations to continue uninterrupted and has led to new partnerships and an expansion of WASH programming.

A 400-home safe water and WASH education project, funded by Rotary International and launched in 2021, was completed this year. Through a partnership with local health organization, Soaring Unlimited, these 400 families will also receive anti-parasite/deworming medication to eliminate persistent systemic illnesses caused by drinking contaminated water. This medication will provide the families with a clean slate, in the form of a healthy stomach, that is sustainable now that they have reliable access to safe water and the knowledge of healthy hygiene and water practices.

The team recently completed a pilot Community Education Program (CEP), building the training capacity of established Community Agents (local volunteers) who are now equipped to lead community WASH trainings as Lead Community Agents (LCAs).

In addition to the impact created among local families in their homes, the PWW team was able to construct WASH facilities, including gender-specific bathrooms, showers, handwashing stations, and safe water systems in two schools with work soon to begin at a third school. These comprehensive school WASH projects include providing critical water, sanitation and hygiene educational training.

We have much to be excited about as fiscal year 2023 gets underway. Be on the lookout for new ways to stay involved with PWW throughout the year. We invite you to accept the 4-in-24 Water Challenge, invest in the new
Safe Water Fund to support PWW’s scale-up of innovative projects, and attend virtual briefings from our Country Office teams to stay updated on in-country operations. More information about all of these opportunities will be shared in the coming weeks and months.

We also have much to be thankful for. PWW’s life-saving work would not be possible without our many donors and partners. Thank you for investing so generously in our work. We look forward to keeping you updated on the impact your giving is having on children and families in Haiti and Honduras.

I welcome your comments and questions anytime and look forward to seeing you soon at a PWW event!

With gratitude,

Matt Korn
Executive Director

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