You Made it Happen: 2022 Summary and Welcoming 2023

On behalf of the Pure Water for the World team, we wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous 2023.

We are excited to start off the new year by sharing that, thanks to many generous donors, we exceeded our year-end fundraising goal! The funds raised during the Water is the Best of All Things campaign will allow PWW teams in Haiti and Honduras to deliver safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) tools and education to more children and families in need of these life-saving resources! Thank you for keeping us moving forward toward our vision that all people have reliable access to safe water, proper sanitation and the knowledge to sustain it for future generations.

Last year was chocked full of activity for our teams in Honduras and Haiti. Following are some highlights.


You may recall that, in early 2022, the PWW team in Haiti relocated from the capital city of Port-au-Prince to Limonade, located near Cap-Haïtien, the largest city in northern Haiti. The move has been very exciting for our teams and for the communities they are serving. While the team was not immune from the continued unrest in Haiti, which was further complicated by inflation and fuel shortages, they got creative and stayed focused on getting work done! The team utilized new motorcycles (thanks to AWT members!) to reach communities and continue critical WASH programming in Limonade.

Highlights from the year in Haiti include:

Meet Lead Community Agent in Haiti: Benjy Joachim (pictured)

“I am happy to be a Lead Community Agent of Pure Water for the World. I like the way Pure Water for the World operates in my community. Honestly, I am proud to a Community Agent. Before, I worked for another organization as a Community Agent, but there is a big difference. Pure Water for the World has trained us and gives us more value in our community.”


  • WASH-in-Schools Program Expanded in Honduras. The PWW team in Honduras, in collaboration with UNICEF, conducted a workshop with the Honduras Ministry of Education focused on “Climate-resilient WASH Guidelines and Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools.” The primary objective of the workshop was to analyze recommendations for the establishment of climate-resilient WASH infrastructure in all Honduran schools, which includes a gender-based approach in order to facilitate and support healthy menstrual hygiene management.
  • LIFE-Honduras Consortium. As migration in Honduras has continued to evolve, with hundreds of migrants crossing the borders into Honduras every day, the LIFE-Honduras Consortium was established this past year to meet the unprecedented needs of the migrants and the demands placed on local communities. The Consortium addresses emergency response activities that cover the sectors of child protection, education, water, hygiene and sanitation, nutrition and health. With migrants coming through border towns where PWW staff lives and works, including Trojes and Danli, as part of the consortium, PWW is providing essential WASH tools and education. In addition to supporting the health of migrants, this comprehensive response also supports the health and wellbeing of the people who live in the impacted communities.
  • Following devastating back-to-back hurricanes in the fall of 2020, with generous support from donors and the help of PWW, communities in Honduras are recovering and gaining access to safe water and sanitation.

“The people of our community, who have fought many diseases and suffered from contaminated water and open defecation, are now saying ‘my family has a better life!’ Thank you!” –Alex Leonardo López Barahona, 33, community leader in El Onal.


  • PWW was a Classy Award Finalist in 2022 for WASH programming in Limonade, Haiti.
  • PWW was awarded the highest accolades from charity watchdogs, once again receiving accreditation from the BBB’s Give.Org; achieving Platinum status with Guidestar; and securing 4-stars from Charity Navigator.
  • PWW launched the inaugural 4-in-24 Water Challenge. Participants committed to limiting water usage for 24 hours to just 4 gallons, similar to what people in Haiti and Honduras report using. Stay tuned for more to come in 2023!
  • Successful events were held in celebration of World Water Day, Global Menstrual Hygiene Day, World Toilet Day, and Global Handwashing Day. These celebratory and important WASH-focused days have becoming a staple of the communities in which PWW teams work, honored with a variety of locally established celebrations and events.

We continued our long-term, sustainable programming, including installing safe water filters in family homes, facilitating the construction of home latrines, delivering essential hygiene trainings, and building school WASH stations (latrines, hand-washing stations and water resources). *Please see 2022 impact summary report below.

As we enter 2023, we continue our commitment to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all. We will continue to strengthen partnerships with community members, schools, healthcare facilities, local government, and other organizations and explore more ways that collaborative efforts can more fully serve children, families and communities in need.

Be sure to watch as World Water Day in March gets closer. We will, once again, be hosting our Health, Hope and Opportunity online auction in celebration of World Water Day, and we are already collecting incredible and unique items that will be available during the auction. So be sure to stay tuned on social media and read our monthly newsletter, Pure Water News (click here if you do not receive it and want to sign up). You won’t want to miss these unique offerings!

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We look forward to another impactful year!





  • 14 homes have Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • 179 BioSand Filters Installed at Homes
  • 47 Latrines Constructed at Homes
  • 1,768 people received deworming/anti-parasite medicine


  • 44 Community Hygiene Workshops
  • 1 Water Board Trained
  • 41 Community Agents Trained (Community Agents in Haiti pictured right)
  • 34 Teachers Trained
  • Haiti Community Education Program (CEP) – PWW trained 15 Lead Community Agents (LCAs). The LCAs:
    • Delivered three (3) training sessions, each of which contain multiple workshops.
    • Reached 177 individuals in Pistère, a community in Limonade.
    • Initiated training among 196 individuals who live in Deréal and Campeche, communities located in Limonade.
    • Collaborated with PWW Haiti team to host community education events in celebration of Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day.
  • In collaboration with UNICEF:
    • Water security plans for 12 schools
    • School safety plans for 34 schools
    • 20  municipal technicians participated in standard WASH definition
  • WASH Training and Consulting Services Impact:
    • Training Workshops: 21 (2 remote)
    • Workshop Participants: 289 (50 remote)
    • Consulting Services: 56 clients; 58 sessions (33 remote); 447 hours of consulting


  • 5 WASH Stations and Water Systems in Schools


  • 3 Healthcare Facilities received WASH Facilities (bathrooms, handwashing stations, water) & Hygiene Support
  • Migration Shelters, in collaboration with LIFE-Honduras Consortium – PWW provided WASH Stations & Hygiene Support: 2 WASH facilities were improved; 3 received new WASH facilities; 9 portable latrines (see photo right)
    • 84,677 people served


  • 302 Homes Monitored, 330 Homes Supervised
  • 52 Schools Monitored