8th Grader Transforms Assignment into Changing Lives

The following is written by eighth grade student, Bella Garneau, who has spent the last year raising funds for PWW.

Bella, thank you for your commitment and passion to ensuring children and families in Haiti and Honduras gain reliable access to safe water. Your leadership and persistence has paid off and will change lives. You are an inspiration. We are grateful for you and look forward to staying connected!  Mesi anpil. Muchas gracias. Thank you very much. 

Hi my name is Bella Garneau, I’m an 8th grader in Maine! I have been working with Pure Water for the World for about a year now! I wanted to share my story about this project that just started as an assignment and how I raised $1,110 with the help of Mrs. Houle. My JMG teacher and my family are so helpful with helping me reach out to places all around my town. JMG is a non-profit organization that partners with businesses and schools all over Maine to support Maine students with their education and future goals.

This project, like I said, just started as an assignment. My JMG teacher, Mrs. Houle, told my whole class that if there was one thing in the world that we could help make a difference to write it down and we would make it happen!

So something that I’m passionate about and very grateful for is clean fresh water that I can drink and use for everyday cooking etc. I thought that this was the perfect project to pick and started to find non-profit organizations that help people get clean water that they can use for everyday needs!

That is where I came across Pure Water for the World. I wanted to reach out to see what they did! First I looked at their website and found the contact information and contacted Tracy Adams and she was so nice and helped me get my fundraiser set up over email.

Now at first I was so happy money started rolling in and I raised $205 in the first couple of months. And I attended several different kinds of zooms to learn more about what the money I was raising was doing and how happy the families were! I made some posters around school to try to raise money within my school and I raised more money! After the money was slowing down again, I asked my Memere and Pepere if they could reach out to Knights of Columbus.

After a couple weeks the Knights got back to me and they said that they look when people come and give a presentation about non-profit organizations. I made a short video talking about Pure Water for the World, and they loved it! I got $200 cash in one day. After seeing my short video of what my goal is and Pure Water for the World’s goal, they granted me $1,000! So it is possible to meet your goal and accomplish it though you need to give whatever you may be doing time.

This project was so fun and I’m so happy that I got to help families in need. Thank you everyone in Pure Water for the World for helping me with my project over the last year and I am so happy that I got to work with you!

If you feel inspired to support Bella, you can find her fundraising page here

Watch Bella’s fundraising video here: