AWT – PWW Partnership

Working Together To Change Lives!

Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and its members partner with Pure Water for the World (PWW) to bring safe water solutions to children and families living in rural and underserved communities in Honduras and Haiti.



Donations and silent auction funds collected at the 2022 AWT Convention will empower the 171 students and 10 teachers at the Francisco Morazán School in San Juan el Rancho, Honduras with reliable sustainable access to clean water, safe sanitation, and healthy hygiene at school.

This long-term WASH solution not only helps current students and teachers, but provides the tools and knowledge to support future generations.

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Learn about previous AWT-Sponsored Communities:

AWT Convention 2021: AWT Impact…60 families families, who live in the underserved communities of Pistere & Dereal, Haiti, gain reliable access in their homes, for the first time ever!!





Watch video created by Walchem featuring Jeff Jean and his work with PWW in Haiti:

AWT Convention 2020: AWT Impact…All 216 residents and the local school in the community of El Rodeo are empowered with reliable access to clean water, safe sanitation and healthy hygiene!

THANK YOU AWT MEMBERS! <<view final report>>



They no longer have to fear their water source!

AWT Convention 2019: AWT Impact…The 54 families and three community schools in the communities of El Horconcito, La Union and Las Uvillas are empowered with reliable access to clean water, safe sanitation and healthy hygiene!

THANK YOU AWT MEMBERS! << Download the final report here >>



AWT and PWW collaborate on:

AWT and members change lives by providing support to PWW in the following areas:

    • ADVICE: AWT members provide PWW teams with technical expertise and advisory project support. 
    • AWARENESS: AWT and PWW work together to spread the word about the work we are doing. This can be done through events, fundraising, social media, guest blogging and more.
    • ACTION: PWW plans hands-on trips to Haiti and Honduras for AWT, so members can work directly in the communities, assisting with project design and/or implementation.
    • AID: AWT and members provide financial support through direct and matching donations, corporate sponsorship and fundraising events, and in-country networks.


    • Respond to PWW requests to review current projects, potential equipment solutions, and new project design by providing advice and input.
    • Respond to PWW requests for information on monitoring solutions and provide suggestions on analytic systems to review system efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Provide research and advice for alternative third-world solutions.
    • Answer questions and provide technical insight on technology as they arise.

Video Resource: Brief, simple video demonstrating how a bio-sand filter works. (source:


To increase awareness, AWT members can:

    • Host special events.
    • Share partnership and activities on websites, print literature, social media.
    • Social media. Like and share posts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Connect with PPW on LinkedIn.
    • Be a guest blogger and/or share your stories in PWW monthly e-newsletters.

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Volunteer your time and work directly with families in Haiti or Honduras, helping with installing systems and working with locals on the technical aspects of the project.

Click here for AWT Trip Presentation.


AWT member, U.S. Water, sent a team of five down to Honduras on a PWW trip in June 2018. Read their blog.  





    • Donate directly to a PWW project of your choice, either individually or collectively as a company.
    • Offer employee/employer match program.
    • Develop a corporate sponsorship or donate to an AWT-supported sponsorship.
    • Create a fundraiser (click here for ideas)
    • Share possible in-country networks that could potentially lead to in-kind donations. See PWW’s current wish list here.

AWT members can give directly through the AWT donation pageIf you are interested in corporate sponsorships, matching gifts or in-country networks, let’s talk: