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Change lives by empowering families to fight waterborne illnesses year-round.

Donate Monthly: Become a Pure Water Warrior

What is a Pure Water Warrior?

A devoted advocate of Pure Water for the World who, through a commitment of regular monthly donations, is dedicated to fighting waterborne illnesses in rural and underserved communities through the provision of sustainable, safe water solutions.

By joining Pure Water Warriors, you become part of a special group of water champions, providing a regular, reliable source of funding that empowers our teams to efficiently and effectively bring safe water solutions where they are needed most.

As a Pure Water Warrior, you will continually support:

  • Children going to school and receiving an education.
  • Adults working and creating regular income for their families.
  • Life-changing health and wellness for families throughout communities served.

Becoming a Pure Water Warrior is simple, with:

  • Automatic, hassle-free monthly contributions from your credit card.
  • Tax receipt for your annual contributions at the end of each year.
  • Quarterly newsletters, via email, demonstrating your investment in action.
  • The ability to increase, decrease, or suspend your gift by calling: (802) 747-0778.
  • The assurance that your contribution is being put to work immediately.

Become A Pure Water Warrior Today:

Your monthly gift, no matter the amount, will make a life-changing impact on children and families in Haiti and Honduras, providing the essential tools and knowledge for healthier, more prosperous futures.

Monthly Gift AmountYour Monthly Donation Can Provide:
Education is essential for the long-term success of any safe water program. $15/month provides safe water and hygiene training materials for a school workshop, benefiting approximately 20 students. In one year, you can help reach over 240 students!
Just $25/month provides life-changing clean water to one person every single month. Your monthly contribution can provide the invaluable gift of clean water to 12 people every year!
Volunteer Community Agents are essential to long-term sustainability. Each CA receives extensive training to support 3-5 families with long-term maintenance of their safe water tools and practices. $50/month can fund the training of 12 CAs each year.
Change the future for two people every month, helping 24 people every year! By donating $100/month, you can fund clean water and essential hygiene and sanitation education, providing the foundation for health, hope and opportunity.
This gift can provide safe water and hygiene workshops and materials for four community and school trainings, benefitting an entire village, in just one month!

Become a Pure Water Warrior