Safe Water Fund: Invest in Health, Hope & Opportunity

people have only dirty water to drink

24 Years Experience

750k+ People Served, 730+ Communities Reached

Safe Water Fund:
Invest in Health, Hope & Opportunity

GOAL: Raise $240,000 by June 30, 2023

In celebration of our 24th year, we have set a goal to raise $240,000 toward our recently established Safe Water Fund, by June 30, 2023. This powerful fund will empower PWW teams to expand delivery of critical WASH resources where they are most needed.

Create lasting change. Invest in the Safe Water Fund. Donate today. 

“How can a nation grow and develop its economy, educate its children, employ its adults and govern itself responsibly and democratically when its people don’t even have a chance to have the most basic of needs?
Imagine trying to effectively run an educational system where two thirds of the children are chronically ill and thus frequently absent. Imagine trying to run a profitable business where two thirds of the employees and customers are chronically ill. Imagine trying to effectively govern and lead a people who are chronically ill. It simply cannot be done.”

–  Carolyn Crowley Meub, Executive Director Emeritus, 2009

Reliable access to safe water and sanitation are basic human rights.

For over 23 years, PWW has been delivering impactful WASH programs, empowering hundreds of thousands of individuals with the necessary WASH tools and education to support sustainable change.

NOW is the time for PWW to scale-up proven programs and pilot new projects to strengthen our ability to effectively reach families living in underserved communities in Haiti and Central America.

Good health and community transformation comes with sustainable access to safe water, sanitation, and healthy hygiene practices.

  • Families are empowered with the most fundamental protective factors to successfully combat a wide-range of diseases.
  • Children experience vastly improved health, enabling them to go to school and achieve an education.
  • Girls can safely and effectively manage their menstrual cycles, keeping them in school and opening new doors to their future.
  • Families are able to work and raise their children with confidence.
  • Communities experience greater resilience and stronger economies.
  • Widespread and multi-generational transformation comes with reliable access to our most basic human necessities.

“One of my great privileges working with PWW is seeing lives change simply because of access to safe water. Safe water literally changes everything for the families who are blessed by the tireless work of the PWW staff.

It’s estimated that 2 billion people in the world do not have reliable access to safely managed water. And, while we are not called to solve that problem this year, there are thousands of families who live in underserved parts of Central America and Haiti where PWW can make a difference sooner rather than later. All it takes is funding!”

– Tom Brandvold, PWW Board Member