COVID-19 Response

Washing Hands Saves Lives

PWW teams continue to reach vulnerable communities during this global pandemic.

Hygiene education is our expertise. Healthy hygiene practices, in combination with safe water and sanitation, are critical to the general health and wellbeing of all people every single day. Without access to these most basic health protectors, vulnerable children and families face an even greater challenge to defend themselves against invasive pathogens, including viruses like COVID-19.

With the recent and widespread threat of COVID-19, PWW teams in Haiti and Honduras are rapidly responding to the urgent need for more hygiene education and training.


The work being done in response to this crisis is not simply a short-term band-aid. All decisions are being carefully considered with the objective of building upon our existing hygiene education programs and materials, expanding our reach through new channels, which PWW teams will continue to use long after the threat of COVID-19 has diminished. 

Teams are quickly shifting current programs and creating a variety of resources to get critical hygiene education out to the most vulnerable communities, including:

  • Radio and TV Public Service Announcements
  • Virtual workshops
  • Expansion of existing training programs to webinars
  • Developing new training videos to empower community members to construct handwashing and water tools at home (see samples below)
  • Creating and distributing posters for distribution in essential public spaces…banks, supermarkets, border offices, and health centers. (watch video)
  • Working closely with local government and other WASH organizations to expand reach of messages and trainings
  • Consulting on and supporting the building of latrines in essential areas
  • Construction and placement of Touch-Free Handwashing stations in essential areas. (view here)
  • Reaching out to Community Agents and partners to continue sharing critical messages





Instructional Posters

(Español) Póster Lavado de Manos (download)


(Français) L’affiche Lave Toi Les Mains (download)





(Español) Póster de Mascarilla (download)





(Français) L’affiche du Masque (download)



Instructional Videos

(Spanish) Constructing Tipi-Tap Handwashing Station

(Haitian Creole) Constructing Tipi-Tap Handwashing Station

(Spanish) How to Properly Wash Hands

(Creole) How to Properly Wash Hands

(Spanish) Instructional Video…How to Make Reusable Menstrual Pad

(Spanish) Instructional Video…Making Reusable Mask at Home

(Spanish) Instructional Video…Converting Wastewater

A prototype created by Pure Water for the World for water reclamation, converting wastewater (from bathing, washing dishes, cleaning) into water that can be used for productive purposes, including garden irrigation and agriculture. Questions? Click here for a Q&A.

(Haitian Creole) PSA (public service announcement) Radio Ad…COVID-19