Transforming the Lives of Children and Families
in Beaumont, Haiti

Empowering Families to Gain Opportunity for Success

A 5-hour drive west of Port-au-Prince, along bumpy, unimproved roads, brings you to the remote region of Beaumont. Located in the Grand’Anse Department, Beaumont is situated on the northern slopes of the Macaya Mountains and covers approximately 100 square miles.

Translated as beautiful mountain, Beaumont was established in the 1930s. The main town within the region, also called Beaumont, was officially established in 1983.

There are 28 communities within the Beaumont region, with a population of approximately 31,380 people. Among these communities, there are four health centers and 62 schools. Families primarily subsist on agricultural production (coffee, yams, corn, peas).

Beaumont suffered significantly from Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Today, they have no organizations or government entities supporting their needs for safe water and sanitation. Waterborne diseases are widespread, including cholera.


  • Families across the region suffer from a severe lack of access to safe water and sanitary infrastructure. Some families must travel miles to reach their water source, which is unsafe to consume. 
  • 90% of the schools lack access to clean water and children have no safe place to use the bathroom or wash hands.
  • Women and girls have little to no knowledge of menstrual hygiene management and lack basic materials and facilities to manage menstruation.
  • Water-related illnesses, including cholera, typhoid, persistent diarrhea, intestinal parasites and worms, malaria, skin diseases, and vaginal infections are common and widespread, impacting children and adults throughout the region.

“There is an unfortunate situation regarding water and sanitation in our community. It is one of the areas most affected by cholera. It has devastated the community. There is great vulnerability of this population. I thank you for your commitment to improve the living conditions of the people in our community.”

Mr. Edma Gethro, Coordinator of the Board of Mouline Communal Section, Beaumont (photo of one water source pictured)


  • Partner with Beaumont communities by engaging community members, including local government, in the planning and implementation of WASH programs.
  • Reduce diarrheal diseases from waterborne pathogens:
    • Empower families and children with access to safe drinking water at home and school;
    • Establish safe hygiene practices, including menstrual hygiene management, for use in homes, schools, and the greater community.
  • Improve school attendance. Enhance effectiveness and impact of schools, and support students with staying in school and achieving an education, by providing:
    • access to water source
    • clean water filters
    • gender-specific latrines
    • handwashing stations
    • healthy hygiene practices, including menstrual hygiene management
  • Strengthen health centers, by providing safe water and sanitation resources.
  • Build local capacity.
  • Support gender equality.
  • Empower people across the Beaumont communities to experience vastly improved health and renewed hope, opening new doors to their future.


  • Make a financial investment of 200 Goudes (approx. $4US);
  • Participate in safe WASH education training;
  • Share in the implementation and follow-up, to ensure successful and sustainable use of the tools and practices.

For every $300 raised
Pure Water for the World will provide a family with:
  • An in-home use, BioSand water filtration system, that keeps healthy minerals in the water, while filtering out up to 100% of parasites and other toxicants; > learn more
  • Safe water, sanitation and hygiene educational training;
  • Follow-up monitoring, to ensure the cycles of waterborne illnesses are broken.

Be a part of the solution.
Together, we can make the dream of safe water and good health a reality for the children and families in Beaumont.


*Photo credit Alan Cressler (first three sliders)