Transforming the Lives of Children and Families
in the Bouda Chita Region of Haiti

It’s Time To Put Cholera and Waterborne Diseases In Their Past!


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“It is simple. The water filters and the education will help us to protect ourselves. We will be in good health. Without them, we face death.”
– Bouda Chita Resident


A twisty and bumpy two-hour drive west of Port-au-Prince brings you to the very rural and mountainous region of Bouda Chita. Loosely translated as “bottom sitting,” Bouda Chita garnered its name from its rugged landscape, where locals are known to sit and slide to get down the steep hills. Families have lived here for generations, with no electricity, no running water, and very few local services.

After the 2010 earthquake, cholera began sweeping through communities across the Bouda Chita region, causing immense suffering and deaths, particularly among young children.

Pure Water for the World began working in Bouda Chita two years ago and has since reached 830 families with safe water solutions. We are committed to continuing our focus in this region until all families have the safe water tools and education to live much healthier, more productive lives. There are many families still waiting.

For the families waiting, their story remains one of offering prayers that God will protect their water and keep them safe.

Each day, the women and children spend three or more hours hiking to the local water source to do laundry, bathe, and collect water for drinking and cooking. They know this water is not safe, that it is contaminated with human and animal waste and contains deadly waterborne pathogens, including the bacterium that causes cholera. But, for now, they have no other options.

Delise-Jean-Claude“I would like to have the filters and education to protect my family and to improve the water that we drink. We have a lot of diseases, like cholera fever. We want our lives to be protected. God bless you for helping.”
– Mrs. Delise Jean-Claude

There are families committed and ready. These families have witnessed, first-hand, the life-saving impact of safe water, among their neighbors we have already served. They eagerly await the same relief.

Each Family
Has Committed To:
  • Making a manageable financial investment of 200 Goudes (approx. $4US);
  • Participating in safe water and hygiene education training;
  • Sharing in the implementation and follow-up, to ensure successful use of the tools and practices.
For every $300 raised
Pure Water for the World will provide a family with:
  • An in-home use, biosand water filtration system, that keeps healthy minerals in the water, while filtering out up to 100% of parasites and other toxicants; > learn more
  • Safe water, sanitation and hygiene educational training;
  • Follow-up monitoring, to ensure the cycles of waterborne illnesses are broken.

Be a part of the solution.
Together, we can make the dream of safe water and good health a reality for the children and families in Bouda Chita.


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