Transforming the Lives of Children and Families
in Trianon, Haiti

Bringing Safe Water Solutions to a Community in Great Need


In 2012, Pure Water for the World was approached by community members in Trianon, Haiti urgently requesting help. Trianon is located in close proximity to the origin of cholera, introduced into the water after the 2010 earthquake. The need was high. Children were dying. Safe water would bring them much needed relief.

With the community committed to taking ownership, and dedicated supporters spearheading grants, work in Trianon was initiated in 2014. Initial efforts provided 300 families with safe water in their homes and 76 schools with safe water and hygiene education, benefiting 1,922 family members and 15,321 students.

“One of my babies suffered from cholera. With clean water she is now healthy.”
– Blanc Louis Sabalat, beneficiary


We are committed to continuing our work in this region by reaching all 2,000 families with the  safe water tools and education to live much healthier, more productive lives.

There are many families committed, ready and waiting. They have witnessed, first-hand, the life-saving impact of safe water, among their neighbors already served. They eagerly await the same relief.

For every $300 raised
Pure Water for the World will provide a family with:
  • An in-home use, biosand water filtration system, that keeps healthy minerals in the water, while filtering out up to 100% of parasites and other toxicants; > learn more
  • Safe water, sanitation and hygiene educational training;
  • Follow-up monitoring, to ensure the cycles of waterborne illnesses are broken.

“There are some things that are beautiful, but not good. This program is beautiful and good!”
– Pastor, Trianon


Be a part of the solution.
Together, we can make the dream of safe water and good health a reality for the children and families in Trianon.