Since 1999, PWW has served >925,000 individuals, in 750+ communities, across Haiti and Central America. Children, families and entire communities are experiencing lasting improved health, renewed hope, and greater prosperity.
YOU made this possible.

Muchas gracias! Mèsi anpil! Thank you very much!

Saying Goodbye…

After more than 24 impactful years of implementing comprehensive safe water, sanitation and hygiene education programs in some of the most rural and underserved communities of Haiti and Honduras, PWW is closing its doors.

With the persistent economic realities of increased financial pressures and fundraising challenges inhibiting the organization’s ability to continue its sustainable development programming, the Board of Directors has voted to phase out work in both countries.

We will fulfill all existing commitments to funded programs, with anticipated closure dates of December 31, 2023 in Haiti and June 30, 2024 in Honduras.