Board of Directors

Bob Mohr, President
“PWW recognizes that we need no medical or technological breakthroughs to eliminate the deaths and alleviate the suffering caused by waterborne diseases. We only need the will.”

Wade Bradford, Vice President
Franchise Operator
“A biologist by training, I know that water is essential for life. I like to say: Water is critical to life, so make it clean.”

Charlene Seward, Treasurer
Partner and CPA, Valente and Seward

Bill Meub, Corporate Secretary
Attorney, Meub, Gallivan and Larson
“Safe water and sanitation leaves a lasting legacy. Working with Haitians and Hondurans who want to change their lives is life changing for me. Seeing the results of healthy children and people, not being sick with waterborne diseases, drives home the point of why I love the work that I do with PWW.”

William “Bill” Donberg, Member
Flight Instructor / Adjunct Professor, Northwestern Michigan College
“PWW has a unique view of how lives of the materially and spiritually “poor” can be improved. It operates on the premise that everyone can solve their own problems given the right tools. And, in the end, that is the only sustainable solution because it changes everything.”

Jenneth Fleckenstein, Member
Co-owner, Clear Water Filtration
“I believe education is the basis of positive change because it empowers people to improve their lives. I am passionate about the work Pure Water for the World does because they keep education at the center. With education at the center, sustainable improvement is truly possible.”

Ann Porter, Board Member
Realtor, Associate Broker
"I see Pure Water for the World as a three legged stool; Creating health through sustainable, reliable water filtration systems, Empowering local residents through education and management opportunities and Building community by combining the health and education PWW offers. Without the combination, the stool would not stand. That is the strong foundation of PWW I believe in."

Barry Poppel, Member
Retired CPA

Paul Sofka, Member

Michael Reed, Member
Process Engineer, AVANTech, Inc.
“Pure Water helps to facilitate life changing access to clean water and sanitation. It gives the poorest amongst us a chance at a better life and is the starting point in breaking the cycle of poverty of an entire community.”

Robin Hall, Member
Realtor, Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty
“Everyone should be able to have access to clean water.”

Jim Bodenner, Member

Wendell Christoff, Member

Terry Allen, Member
“Safe Water for kids is my passion!”