Board of Directors

Tom Brandvold, Member
Owner and President, Premier Water & Energy Technology
"One of my great privileges working with PWW is seeing lives change simply because of access to safe water. Safe water literally changes everything for the families who are blessed by the tireless work of the PWW staff."

Richard Cate, Treasurer
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer at the University of Vermont
"The lack of clean water for children and families around the world is an international tragedy, one which I want to help cure."

William “Bill” Donberg, Vice President
Flight Instructor / Adjunct Professor, Northwestern Michigan College
“PWW has a unique view of how lives of the materially “poor” can be improved. It operates on the premise that everyone can solve their own problems given the right tools. And, in the end, that is the only sustainable solution because it changes everything.”

Chris Kamienski, Member
Division President, SouthState Bank, St Augustine, FL

Linda Khachadurian, Member
Medical Editor, Educational Nonprofit Founder, Sugar Artist/Instructor
"Water is the Earth's most precious resource and providing access to safe, potable water is crucial. I was introduced to Pure Water for the World’s impactful and efficient work in 2012 whilst writing an article about safe water in Haiti for the Harvard Review of Latin America. I was impressed by how passionate about and dedicated to the safe water cause the staff was. It seemed as though it was more of a calling for them rather than merely a manner in which to earn money. When I select nonprofits to support or collaborate with, the people behind the cause are as important as the cause itself. In the case of Pure Water for the World, both are top-notch."

Barry Poppel, Member
Retired CPA
"I believe in PWW and the work that we do to provide a better life for the people of Honduras and Haiti. We save lives and have a major health, educational, and economic impact not only on the current families but on many future generations. And knowing that we are providing the children with a better future makes it all worthwhile."

Charlene Seward, Secretary
Owner and CPA, Seward & Associates, PLC
"Water that is polluted isn’t just dirty, it can be deadly. PWW is truly instrumental in helping so many people get access to clean water and is changing lives, which is why I am proud to be part of the team."

Paul Sofka, Member
Financial Consultant, Lincoln Financial Advisors
"For anyone who has visited Haiti and witnessed the poor living conditions that exists there, you soon realize the blessings that exist in the USA. In gratitude for being born in the US (by the grace of God), it is a privilege to give my time, talent, and treasure to bring clean water to children and families in need. I know that I am making a difference in the lives of these families, which continues to be a very enriching experience for an 80 year old man."