United States Staff

Carolyn Crowley Meub
Executive Director Emeritus, Senior Advisor

Carolyn has served as the Executive Director of Pure Water for the World, Inc. for 17 of the organization’s 20 years as a 501c3. Under her guidance, Pure Water for the World has transformed from a Rotary Club project into an impactful, international humanitarian non-governmental organization. Carolyn is active in Rotary International, and, in 2012, she was recognized by the White House as one of ten US Rotarians to receive the distinguished Champion of Change award for her dedication to improving lives.

“There will be a day when future generations will not know the pain, suffering and struggle of waterborne illnesses.” – Carolyn Crowley Meub

Jamin Gelder
Deputy Director

Tracy Adams
Office & Donor Relations Manager

Cathy DeFelice
Office Assistant

Haiti Staff

David Trofort
Haiti Country Director

Laura Guerrier

Jean Pape Ferolus
Chief Project Coordinator

Junior Seraphin
WASH Training Coordinator

Wilnert Dorvily
Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Max Philippe

Géralda Louis
Administrative Assistant

Lucson Boursiquot

Ronald Pierre

Ramy Pierrette
Sand Factory Team Leader

Luvaner Presendieu

Loubens Plymouth

Pierre Arthur Sainclair

Marie Suze Michel

Honduras staff

María Regina Inestroza de Carias
Country Director

Oscar Armando Andino
WET Centre Coordinator

Xenia Maribel Castellanos Rodriguez
WETC Facilitator

Mauricio Reyes
Trojes Project Coordinator

Melvin Josue Herrera
Office Assistant

Arlen Francisco Mejía
Field Supervisor

Ostilio Ramirez Cerrato
Health Promoter

Ely Samuel Rios Garcias
Health Promoter

Luis Andres Garcia
Health Promoter

Fredy Geovanny Rodríguez
Health Promoter

Darwin Salinas
Health Promoter

Karla Patricia Vargas
Health Promoter

Oscar Rene Ventura
Health Promoter