Our Results

We have partnered with over 200 communities, reaching more than 750,000 people in Haiti and Central America with life-changing, sustainable safe water, hygiene and sanitation solutions.

Community-Wide Impact of Comprehensive Solutions:

  • Families own their water projects, actively participating in the development, training, implementation, and maintenance of their acquired tools and practices.
  • Children and families experience significantly improved quality of life and productivity, with measurable reductions of water-related illnesses and deaths.
  • Families learn the essential elements to maintaining a safe, hygienic and healthy home environment.
  • Children are able to attend school and receive an education, improving their future opportunities.
  • Girls receive the tools and education to manage their menstrual health privately and safely, supporting regular and continuous school attendance.
  • Adults are able to work and create an income for their families.
  • Money spent on medical care and hospital visits is drastically reduced.
  • Community members experience an increase in overall health, personal pride and dignity.

Read stories from people in Haiti and Honduras whose lives have been changed dramatically with sustainable access to safe water and sanitation.