Agua Pura para el Mundo to Continue WASH in Honduras

We have fabulous news to share. 

It’s official…APPM will continue PWW’s impactful work in Honduras!

Agua Pura para el Mundo (Spanish for “Pure Water for the World”) is a Honduran nonprofit governmental organization (NGO).

About APPM. Agua Pura para el Mundo (APPM) was established in 2007 as a Honduran NGO doing business for Pure Water for the World, Inc. APPM was managed by PWW’s Executive Director and Board of Directors, with a local NGO board (representative only) to fulfill national requirements. In 2017, PWW gained international NGO status and was able to obtain a Honduran bank account allowing funds to go directly to PWW’s US headquarter office in Vermont. While no longer actively operating, APPM continued to maintain its NGO status.

Now, under the leadership of Maria Inestroza, PWW’s long-time Honduras Country Director, APPM will resume its activity as a Honduran NGO and continue the mission of delivering life-changing WASH solutions in Honduras.

“I am excited and motivated to continue this journey, building on the foundation you have so meticulously laid. Your trust in me is a gift that I will carry with honor and responsibility.” – Maria Inestroza


APPM’s vision: “The people of Honduras have the opportunity to thrive because their fundamental safe water and sanitation needs are fulfilled.” 

A 3-year business plan has been developed (click here to see an Executive Summary). The first year’s goals include:

  • Reach 3,000 students, 50 teachers, 100,000 patients at health centers in the main cities of Honduras with WASH training programs
  • Train 300 hundred individuals in household water technologies, low-cost sanitation and effective WASH skills, with the goal of having them train more people
  • Train local water boards in water safety plans resilient to climate change and on improvements to facilitate better water services
  • Monitor WASH programs implemented by PWW

UNICEF and CAWST, PWW partners in Honduras, are fully supportive of the transition and relationships are expected to seamlessly continue.

How can you support APPM and the continuation of impactful safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs in Honduras?

Information coming soon!

We are extremely optimistic about the future of APPM and look forward to supporting Maria and her team as they continue this critical work in Honduras in the years to come!