Follow-up and Monitoring

We don’t just implement and move on.

We can trust the water now. Our lives are not like before. For that we must give thanks.
~ Community  Agent, Trojes, Honduras

JJeziorski-PWW-Haiti-May-2013-small-wm-123We follow-up and monitor the families and communities served, measuring effectiveness and making necessary adjustments to support correct, consistent and successful use of safe water programs and practices. 

In addition to regularly connecting with and supporting our volunteer Community Agents, the local PWW monitoring teams follow up with each community, measuring effectiveness and making any necessary adjustments to support sustainability.

Evaluation and monitoring programs, conducted at regular intervals post implementation, ensure:

  • Filters and latrines are working properly,
  • Sanitation and hygiene practices are in place, and
  • Communities are experiencing positive health results with measurable reductions in waterborne illnesses.

Comprehensive Solutions Also Include:
Community Partnerships | Tools & Technologies | Education