Tools and Education

We don’t just install water filters.

Water and sanitation tools and technologies can only be truly effective and sustainable when combined with comprehensive education and training.


Based on the specific needs and location of a community, we develop an implementation plan, which can include a combination of the following:

  • Homes.
    • In-home Use BioSand Water Filters: Easy to install, use and maintain; low cost and highly effective. More information
    • Sanitation Facilities: Single-family latrines
    • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
    • Parasite Treatment: Based on regulations within the regions, when possible, we partner with local health centers to administer parasite treatments for each household member
    • Community Water Systems
    • Community Water Filters
  • Schools.
    • BioSand Water Filters
    • Gender-Specific Latrines
    • Handwashing Stations
    • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
    • Water Piping from the Source to the School

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Water becomes truly safe when communities understand the roles hygiene and sanitation play.

  • Families and Educators.
    • To support the correct and consistent use of their water and sanitation technologies, all community members are taught safe water and hygiene practices prior to receiving their filters and latrines. These practices, and their importance to health, are typically unknown among the families in these communities.
    • Hygiene Education Programs include:
      • Home Hygiene
      • Environmental Hygiene
      • Water Source Protection
      • Personal Hygiene
      • Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • Community Agents.
    • Community Agents are volunteers who live in communities served. Each supports and regularly monitors three to five families in their own community.
    • Community Agents are an extension of the PWW team. They receive extensive training in water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as filter and maintenance support. Through the training program, they are empowered with the knowledge to support and maintain their communities’ safe water programs.
    • Community Agents provide 100% follow-up.
  • Other Organizations and Agencies.

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Comprehensive Solutions Also Include:
Community Partnerships | Follow-up & Monitoring