WASH Training & Consulting

Accelerating Access To Safe Water, Sanitation and Healthy Hygiene Practices

people have only dirty water to drink

What is WASH?

the acronym for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Our dedicated Training and Consulting teams deliver extensive WASH educational workshops and consulting services focused on the prevention and elimination of waterborne illnesses in Central America and the Caribbean.

COVID-19 Response:

Hygiene education is our expertise. With the recent and widespread threat of COVID-19, PWW teams in Haiti and Honduras are rapidly responding to the urgent need for more hygiene education and training.

Teams are creating a variety of resources to get critical hygiene education out to vulnerable communities, including:

  • Radio and TV Public Service Announcements
  • Virtual workshops
  • Expansion of existing training programs to webinars
  • Developing new training videos to empower community members to construct handwashing and water tools at home (see video)
  • Driving trucks into underserved communities that have no access to internet, radio or television and sharing handwashing and safe hygiene messages
  • Working closely with local government and other WASH organizations to expand reach of messages and trainings

NEW: Spanish Instructional Video…Constructing Tipi-Tap Handwashing Station

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WASH Teams work with NGOs, government agencies, health officials, educators and other organizations, providing fundamental training about the causes of waterborne diseases and how to prevent them in simple, sustainable ways.

Participants learn the steps to implementing sustainable WASH programs, and apply the lessons in their own organizations and among their communities. Programs are taught in a manner that supports the adoption and sharing of knowledge among communities for future generations.

We offer clients technical support and field consultations, to ensure successful implementation of their water and sanitation projects.

We follow-up with monitoring services to measure results and support long-term efficacy.

This training approach allows us to reach significantly more communities, and the overall health benefits are multiplied exponentially.

“Half the world’s population lacks access to safe water or sanitation. One of the largest barriers standing in the way of fixing this crisis is the lack of human capacity (knowledge and skills) in the water and sanitation sector in developing countries.”
~ PWW Partner CAWST 

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Our experienced training staff stays at the forefront of WASH education, consistently developing and improving upon our programs and services. We provide an expanding variety of workshops, including:

  • Drinking Water Quality
  • BioSand Water Filters
  • Low Cost Sanitation
  • Community Health Promoters
  • Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Training
  • WASH Communications
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • DEWT: Derivary Effective WASH Training (an advanced methodology of training the trainer)

To learn more or find out dates and locations of upcoming workshops, please contact us today at [email protected].