Our Work In Haiti

Learn about current projects in Haiti:
Bouda Chita | Cité Soleil | Darbonne | Trianon

Pure Water for the World opened its doors in Haiti in 2008 serving schools, orphanages, health clinics and hospitals with clean water filters, as well as providing education to schools and communities about safe hygiene and sanitation practices.

After the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, we shifted our focus to emergency aid, partnering with Save the Children to deliver clean water to victims of the earthquake, particularly within the highly underserved community of Cité Soleil.

Today, we continue our commitment to serving the people of Haiti, focused on community-wide access to safe water and essential hygiene education. We partner with entire communities and work directly with families, in their homes, to increase community-wide impact and effectiveness.

We are the resident leader of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) educational services, in Haiti, providing training workshops and consulting to individuals and organizations throughout the country. Read More >

In the near future, we hope to begin our extension into single-family and community-based sanitation solutions.

In October 2010, cholera was introduced into the country, quickly spreading across communities, causing widespread illnesses and deaths.