Our Work In Honduras

Learn about our current focus in Honduras
Trojes | Maraita

Pure Water for the World began providing safe water and hygiene solutions to communities throughout Honduras in 2001.

In partnership with UNICEF, in 2009, we launched a water and sanitation project in the Trojes region, which was identified as ‘high-need’ and ‘underserved’ by UNICEF. We continue our focus in this region today.

In 2014, we expanded our offerings in Honduras to include water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) educational training and consulting services for organizations and individuals across Central America. Read more >

Expanding Programs

In addition to implementing safe water, sanitation and hygiene education in communities and schools, the PWW Trojes staff and volunteers have worked to add other programs to our toolbox. These allow us to address many different issues facing these communities, so that water is addressed from the source to the mouth.

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH): Some schools in rural Honduras lack access to a water source. RWH systems collect rainwater and provide these schools with sustainable access to water. With clean water filters, proper sanitation facilities and handwashing stations, children and teachers are protected at school.

Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM): MHM is a significant issue, not only for good health, but also for girls’ and women’s equality and empowerment. Our work in schools indicated a need for improved facilities, including gender-specific latrines, to support girls with managing their menstrual hygiene with dignity and continuing schooling past puberty.

Community Water Systems: We are committed to sustainable water solutions from the “source to the mouth.” Community Water Systems and community-sized filters provide consistent access to safe water for communities who lack access to a water source.