BBQ Project - Trojes, Honduras

Sustainable, reliable access to safe water and sanitation for the families of El Boquerón, El Bosque and Quebrada De Oro (B.B.Q.)

Goal: Improved health and prosperity for the families of
El Boquerón, El Bosque and Quebrada De Oro.

Objective: PWW will partner with BBQ community members to provide:

  • Sustainable and simplified access to safe water
  • Training on safe water, hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Latrines for all homes
  • Sanitation and handwashing facilities at schools
  • Establishment and training of Community Water Boards


“The children cannot go to school because there is no water. Women cannot make food for their families. The water is too far away. Every time we have to go further to find Rosa lilianwater. In the summer, the water leaves and makes it very dry. It’s difficult to have guests because we cannot offer them water. We need your help because this is a poor community, and we need this water project.” – Señora Obed, El Boquerón


The three remote communities of El Boquerón, El Bosque and Quebrada De Oro are  located 4 hours from the town center of Trojes, Honduras.

Due to the very high elevation of this region, 85% of the households have no access to water in or near their homes. The closest water sources are small streams, located long distances from homes. The streams are heavily contaminated. There is limited water supply, and the streams dry up quickly each day. In the summer there is no water.

Women and children get up very early each morning to collect water before it is gone. They transport it up and down steep hills, by hand or with the help of a horse or donkey.

  • Bathing is infrequent, as it requires walking up to 5 miles to the nearest river.
  • Diarrheal and skin diseases are chronic and widespread, especially among young children.
  • The nearest health clinic is a 4-hour walk away.

Students miss school. Adults miss work. Families and communities suffer.


  • BBQ Project Budget = $453,800
  • Donations and grants to date: $388,800
  • Additional funds needed: $65,000

NOTE: Approximately $230,000 of the donations have come in the form of volunteered time and resources by the community members and local government!

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NOTE: BBQ is a project that has taken time to develop and unfold (see Project History in sidebar). Engineering research and surveying was necessary; road improvements were required to get supplies to construction sites; government approval processes were undertaken, allowing “easements” for piping on private property; and more. The IDB Grant covers direct costs of materials and some construction. All of the real labor is being donated by the committed families from the communities.

A Doctor’s Perspective: “I am visiting, as a consultant. I cannot believe that somewhere in my country one could find conditions like this. They don’t have water for the most basic things, like washing hands and brushing teeth. There are many diseases (skin and intestinal). Most people don’t go to the clinic because it is a 4-hour walk. Children and babies, as young as 10 months, have bad allergies becaP1280089use they cannot clean. We wanted to wash our hands, to perform medical tasks, but there was no water. Pregnant women walk long distances to get water. Children with diarrhea. This project will be a big help for a great number of people.” – Dr. Victoria, Danli, Honduras 

Fun Fact

The PWW team affectionately nicknamed this project, BBQ, based on the first letter of each of the three communities the Community Water System will serve. The team members, who worked tirelessly to make this project a reality, made a commitment when naming the project…when water is officially running through the pipes of the system, every team member, no matter where he/she may be in the world, will throw a BBQ celebration. They will connect via Skype, raise their glasses and burgers to the sky and offer a toast to a sustainable, demand-driven and hugely beneficial project!

“Final date to be announced, but let’s try and aim for AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!” – Mario Goeb

Join us for the BBQ celebration. Donate today and your generous gift will provide lasting access to safe water and sanitation for these families. Thank you so much!  

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