Relationships Are Fundamental

As written by Carolyn Crowley Meub

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We begin 2015 by extending heartfelt gratitude to all of our supporters. We are committed to staying connected and sharing the life-changing results your support provides for the children and families in Haiti and Latin America.

One word truly exemplifies the foundation for where we have been, and where we are heading: Relationships.

Relationships are the lifeblood of Pure Water for the World. It is our relationships with staff, donors, beneficiaries, partners, volunteers, the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) community, and supporters that directly enable our team to deliver safe water solutions to children and their families.

With your collective support, in 2014 our teams accomplished the following:

  • Installed safe, clean water filters in 1,844 homes and 128 schools;
  • Reached 33,610 beneficiaries;
  • Installed latrines in 191 homes;
  • Trained 510 community agents;
  • Trained 240 teachers;
  • Provided follow-up monitoring to 1,530 homes;
  • Performed regular water quality testing;
  • And, conducted WASH Training and Consulting Workshops across Latin America and Haiti.

This year, we are resolved to continue to expand the number of communities and schools we serve, train more organizations on WASH practices, and incorporate new services…all while keeping our focus on long-termsustainability. For us, the key is not so much the number of filters and latrines installed, but how many families are healthier, working and going to school, and continuing to use their filters and latrines effectively in two, five, 10 years and beyond.

Relationshipsare essential to accomplish our goals, and we are committed to continue:

  • Investing in our staff: our greatest asset.
  • Honoring donors and supporters: being conscious and effective stewards of funds received.
  • Respecting and partnering with beneficiaries: engaging and empowering community members to own their water projects.
  • Collaborating with others: together, we can accomplish more.

In 2015, you will hear more about new program developments, including:

  • Community Filtration Systems: serving multiple mountain communities with one central filter.
  • Menstrual Health Programs: protecting girls’ health and wellbeing, while supporting their desire to stay in school, regardless of their cycles.
  • Sanitation Programs in Haiti: bringing solutions to rural Haiti, where less than 20% currently have access to sanitation.

The success of Pure Water for the World belongs to so many people: from customers and staff, to donors and our board, to partners, volunteers, and loyal supporters. YOU help to make it all happen. Together, we are improving the health of children and their families by providing them with the foundation for a brighter future.

Thank you for a terrific 2014! We look forward to continuing our important and truly life-changing work together.


Carolyn Crowley Meub
Executive Director

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