Your Funds In Action: The #GivingTuesday Impact

Thanks to your generous donations on #GivingTuesday (December 2, 2014), we are wrapping up our installation and training work in the communities of Santa Rosa and San Ramon in Trojes, Honduras.

In Homes:

  • 78 families have received essential hygiene training and have biosand water filters working in their homes!
  • Two latrines were built in each community to serve as models, by Pure Water for the World staff members. Forty-four (44) local families are now using materials provided to build their own latrines. It is very empowering and rewarding! PWW staff will check the construction of each to ensure safety and sustainability.

In Schools:

  •    4 hygiene training workshops have been completed;
  •    4 gender-specific latrines are finished and in use;
  •    2 hand-washing stations are fully operational;
  •    Biosand water filter installation will be completed soon.

Because of your support, more than 500 children and their families now have permanent access to improved sanitation and safe drinking water, along with the knowledge to sustain it.

SR2 - 6

Thank you for making this a life-changing reality for these families!