PWW Team Shares

Community. Education. Trust. Commitment. Integration. These are Pure Water for the World’s core values. They provide the fundamental foundation from which we work.

Our teams have been putting these values into action, sharing our gained knowledge, understanding, and expertise with others with a goal of expanding greater awareness and understanding of the vital importance of safe water, sanitation and hygiene on our planet.

Sharing Pure Water for the World’s experiences is the most important. Knowledge transfer to other organizations, groups, government agencies and individuals is critical to us. This is a primary reason why we have created our WET (Water Expertise Training) centers, through which we provide extensive WASH training and consulting services,” states Marion Nonglaton, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) expert at PWW.

In celebration of World Water Day, our Haiti team was invited by the American Chemistry Club, in Washington DC, to share a little about water with fourth grade students from Capital Hill Montessori. Using online technology, our team performed water quality tests for the students to observe from our testing lab in Port-au-Prince. We conducted two tests, a turbidity test and a conductivity test, on wastewater samples that came from a canal in the metropolitan area of Port au Prince. Both tests clearly demonstrated the amount of organic and non-organic materials that the water contained. It was an impressive learning experience.

Our team in Haiti also offered a hygiene training program, delivered to a global online audience, on World Water Day. This session was part of the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration’s special World Water Day program called Ripples Make Waves.

Marion Nonglaton (pictured) shared an educational program, designed by our team in Honduras, which provides teachers with the tools and knowledge to easily integrate basic hygiene practices, including menstrual hygiene, into classroom lessons without adding additional work or time. The program uses strategies as simple as counting soaps instead of apples as examples in math classes and planting trees with the children for the protection of the water sources.

“Ripples Makes Waves gave me the opportunity to share our new teacher program with schools and students from around the world. After this presentation, hopefully all the attendees will start to implement hygiene-based activities in their schools too!”

To see the presentation go to:

Here in the US, the Pure Water for the World team recently participated in the Vermont-Honduras Conference, held on Friday, April 7th at the Vermont Law School. This event focused on the many organizations in and around Vermont that are working to make a difference in Honduras and in the lives of Central Americans coming to the Vermont area. The PWW team presented an overview of our work in Honduras, shared experiences and lessons learned, and gathered great information from others who share the same passion for Honduras.

We also participated in the Global Issues Network program at Rutland High School again this year. We were able to present on safe water and sanitation issues, share meaningful ways students can protect their water here at home, as well as give students ideas of ways they can be directly involved in making a difference in Haiti and Honduras.

This month, PWW is participating in many local Vermont events, in honor of Earth Day. One event is the Back to Earth 5K Trail Run at Castleton University on April 21 (learn more). Another is the Annual Poultney Earth Fair (today!).
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