Over 11,000 Reached: A Snapshot of Fiscal Year 2017

August 16, 2017

You made our year! We have closed the books on our 2017 fiscal year and are excited to share the impact. Thanks to you, more than 11,000 people now have the essential tools and education to experience life with improved health and wellbeing.

We remain steadfast in our mission to improve the health and livelihood of underserved children and families by providing sustainable safe water, hygiene and sanitation solutions. To this end, over the course of this past fiscal year, here is a snapshot of what we have been able to accomplish, made possible by your generous support:

  • Completed the BBQ Project reaching three remote communities, within the Trojes region of Honduras, with comprehensive safe water, hygiene and sanitation solutions. Women and children in these communities no longer have to travel 5+ miles each day to collect contaminated water.  

    These children used to spend their school days fetching contaminated water. Now they can spend their time learning, grateful for the clean water available at their school!

    • All 557 people, living in the 128 homes, now have clean water and safe latrines at their homes. They have also received essential hygiene training. 
    • All three schools have safe water, gender-specific latrines and handwashing stations.
    • Three managing Water Boards have been organized, trained and obtained their legal status, at local and central levels, to monitor and sustain this comprehensive water program.
  • Reached 11,250 individuals.
    • Installed 1,161 biosand water filters in homes and 71 in schools.
    • Constructed 341 latrines at homes and 23 at schools.
    • Constructed 18 hand-washing stations at schools.
    • Supported the construction of water piping to 128 homes.
    • Helped 4,000 Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti with emergency support.
  • Conducted 149 hygiene education workshops for families.
  • Provided extended training to 270 volunteer Community Agents, empowering them with the knowledge to support their communities’ safe water and sanitation programs.
  • Completed 616 monitoring and evaluation visits to homes and schools, reinforcing the long-term success of the programs. Completed carbon credit monitoring in 137 homes.
  • Trained 52 teachers on safe water, hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • Built one rainwater-harvesting system and laid 17 PVC piping systems, supplying water to schools that previously had no sustainable source.
  • Hosted 33 volunteers in Honduras and Haiti as they jumped in and took action to create lasting change.

Our WASH (WAter, Sanitation & Hygiene) Training and Consulting Teams were in full force this year, conducting 23 workshops, covering eight WASH topics, and providing essentials skills to 385 individuals representing a variety of organizations (other NGOs, government agencies, private businesses, etc.). This is a tremendous growth area for us, as we focus on helping others build capacity to expand our collective reach and impact. We are continuing to grow our program and are adding new workshops in both Honduras and Haiti.

Water Quality Field Testing

The team in our Water Quality Testing Lab in Haiti conducted 334 tests for a wide-variety of clients, including other NGOs, governmental organizations and private businesses. We are excited about the growth of this offering and the potential it has to expand our collective understanding and increase our support of water safety across Haiti.

We initiated sanitation training and implementation work in Haiti schools, this year, with a pilot project in Limonade, Haiti. The initial project has launched and involves the maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction (as necessary) of latrines in 15 schools. It also includes hygiene training and support.

Additional noteworthy activities in the year include the acquisition of the Safe Water Team, receipt of the Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Award with a grant to serve 19 schools in Honduras, and being recognized as an innovative nonprofit as we were named a Classy Award Finalist.

Our teams in both Honduras and Haiti continue to collaborate with their local, regional and national governments, being called upon for training, expert advice and guidance. They are frequently consulted to assist with government directives to develop initiatives and set standards working toward the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which include access to safe water and sanitation for all.

Happy family with clean water in Cité Soleil, Haiti.

We cannot do this work without you. This year’s success, and every day’s achievements, are made possible by the invaluable partnership we share with you. Your support of PWW is making a lasting impact and changing lives forever.   

From all of us at Pure Water for the World, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for another amazing year. Thank you so very much! Muchas gracias! Mèsi anpil!

We look very forward to what lies ahead as we embark on our new fiscal year!

With much gratitude,



Carolyn Crowley Meub
Executive Director