Safe Water Equals Bright Future for These Children

PWW testing the water source.

Madame Liseman Darius (pictured left) lives in a rural community in Trianon, Haiti with her five children.

For years, all five of her children, as well as her husband and herself, have experienced chronic intestinal distress, including severe diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and fevers, from the harmful pathogens present in their water source.

Testing of their water source, by the PWW Water Quality Team, revealed high levels of E-coli bacteria. E-coli is a dangerous waterborne pathogen that causes high fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. In severe cases, it can lead to kidney failure.

Selfie of the Darius family.

After just one month of using their biosand water filter, the Darius children and parents are all feeling great, with NO signs of intestinal distress.

The one-month, post-implementation water test confirmed what the family is experiencing. The water showed zero of the harmful E-coli bacteria present. The biosand filter is doing its job…keeping the family healthy and safe from these harmful bacteria. The children are able to attend school. The Darius parents are able to work and create an income. The family is healing and optimistic about their future.

Mr. Darius was so grateful during our visit that he gifted the PWW team with a large rice bag full of avocados, a valuable source of income for the family.

The Darius family extends their sincere appreciation to the supporters of PWW who made this project possible. Thanks to this support, the future of these children and their family looks bright!


Cherley Doece with children and PWW Volunteer on installation day.

Cherley Doece lives in a rural community in Trianon, Haiti with her husband and four children. Since there is no running water near her home, the family’s water source is a neighbor’s rainwater harvesting tank. The neighbor charges her 30 goudes (about $.50) per bucket. This water is contaminated with parasitic worms.

Parasitic worms can cause abdominal distress, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, bloating, fatigue, weight loss, and painful rashes. Worms can result in dysentery (diarrhea with blood and mucus), which, left untreated, can be fatal.

Cherley Doece’s family has struggled with chronic intestinal distress. They did not know it was being caused by the water they drink and bath in, purchased from their neighbor.

This year, Cherley Doece participated in a PWW community training program, learning about safe water, hygiene and sanitation practices. In August, the family received their own biosand water filter. With their filter, the family is now protected from the worms, and other potential pathogens, present in their water source.

Madame Doece is deeply relieved that her children will no longer have to suffer. She extends her heartfelt gratitude to those who made it possible for her family to heal. Their future is filled with hope and possibility! 

Nine-year old, Nathanael Petit-Homme (pictured) lives in Fond Cheval, a small community outside of Mirebalais, Haiti. Earlier this year, the PWW team traveled to her community to implement a safe water program. They trained the beneficiary families in essential safe water, hygiene and sanitation practices. Then it was time to install filters.

Nathanael is the oldest daughter, in her family of seven, and, as such, is responsible for most of the chores at home…collecting water, doing wash, and watching her little sisters.

On the day of the filter installation for her family, Nathanael, a second grader at her community school, joined our team, eager to help with the project she had been witnessing taking place in other homes in her community.

Since the adults and older children were working at the market, Nathanael took on a leadership role. For over six hours she stayed with the PWW team, walking from one household to another, carrying empty bags of sand, guiding them through the mountains. She knew exactly where they had already installed the bio-sand water filters, the names of the families and their home locations, and she even knew the day that they received their filters.

While them team walked and worked, Nathanael asked countless questions about the filter and how it was going to impact the lives of her family and community. She quickly understood the health benefits, as her community has suffered from the cholera outbreak. She was excited to be a part of ensuring that families would benefit from this project.

At just nine years old, Nathanael understands that safe water saves lives. Today, Nathanael can go to school and achieve an education, rather than battle health issues, and her family is safe from cholera and other harmful waterborne pathogens. With her deep sense of curiosity, ambition, and desire to help others, we feel certain that Nathanael’s future will be bright!

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