Mother of Seven Celebrating Safe Water

Madam Casseus nee Nelson Mona (pictured) is a 39 year old mother who lives in Radio Commerce Village, a sub-community within Cité Soleil, Haiti.

The PWW Haiti implementation team has been working in Radio Commerce Village, conducting hygiene training with families and installing bio-sand water filters in homes, including the home of Madam Nelson.

Madam Casseus nee Nelson Mona is the mother of seven, two sons and five daughters. She has lived in Radio Commerce Village for nine years (home pictured below). Before receiving their water filter, Madam Nelson and her children regularly suffered from persistent illnesses and infections.

“This is a very good project,” shares Mrs. Nelson. “It allows people to treat unsafe drinking and bath water. The water in this area is very salty and contaminated. It gives infections, especially for women and their babies. It leaves babies with skin issues. But once it gets through the filter, the water is safe.”

Mrs. Nelson told us she no longer has to spend her limited funds purchasing water that is safe for her children. When asked how her life has changed, Mrs. Nelson responded, “It has helped us stay healthy. It is very useful. And it is important because it helps me economically in water treatment.”

Mrs. Nelson extends her gratitude to all who have helped make this project possible for her family and her community. “Mèsi Anpil. Thank you for this project!” 

We are delighted to hear how safe water and hygiene have improved the lives of Madam Nelson and her children. And we wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to her! 

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