World Water Day 2019: Blog Series

Welcome to the landing page for our series of blogs leading up to World Water Day 2019. Please enjoy.

  • Blog 1: Let’s Talk About World Water Day
    With less than a month until World Water Day 2019, we wanted to take a moment to talk more about this internationally recognized day that is growing in both popularity and activism. This  year’s theme: Leaving No One Behind. Read blog to learn more. 
  • Blog 2: Let’s Talk About Source Water Protection
    As defined by Pure Water for the World partner, CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology), “source water protection involves finding the best possible water source for your household or the households you serve, and taking steps to protect it from contaminants.” PWW training programs stress the importance of implementing the Multi-Barrier Approach to safe water. Read blog to learn more. 
  • Blog 3: Let’s Talk About Hygiene Education
    Providing safe drinking water goes hand-in-hand with teaching healthy hygiene practices, as clean water can be very easily recontaminated if unsafe practices are being used. Hygiene education includes teaching practices for keeping our bodies, our homes, and our natural surroundings clean. Read blog to learn more. 
  • Blog 4: Let’s Talk About What Makes Water “Safe”
    You may hear it referred to with a variety of adjectives…safe water, clean water, potable water. In the end, they all mean water that is suitable for drinking/consuming, for cleaning with, and for bathing in. We know that technology alone does not guarantee water safety. Read blog to learn more. 

YOU can change lives and help bring safe water and sanitation to children and families who suffer without these most basic human necessities.

Join us as we work toward the goal of “leaving no one behind” by making a donation. Just $25 brings a lifetime of clean water for one child; $300 changes the future for an entire family.

PWW supporter, Chipper Confections, is helping to sweeten the day…literally. Make a donation of $50 (or more) or commit to sharing just $.50/day ($15/month) and you will be entered to win this handcrafted, deliciously chocolate masterpiece. Drawing to take place on Monday, March 25th.

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