As Carolyn Meub prepares to soar into retirement, she will be celebrating her 17-year adventure as Pure Water for the World’s Executive Director with an exhilarating fundraising event. Carolyn will JUMP for Safe Water. And, she wants YOU to join her.

When: June 29, 2019

Where: Vermont Skydiving Adventure

Why: Because no one should have to suffer or die simply because of the lack of access to our most basic human necessity…safe water.

Goal: Raise $100,000
Carolyn has set a goal to raise $10 for every foot she will cover on her way down…all 10,000 of them!

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Jump with Carolyn. More jumpers bring more fun AND increase the potential for total funds raised, which means more children and families in Haiti and Honduras will benefit. Jumpers are encouraged to commit to raising $1,000 from friends, family, colleagues, and community. Space is limited to 30 jumpers. Register today to secure your opportunity to join in the jump. Never raised money before? We’re here to help. Call us today at 802-747-0778 or email us at info@purewaterfortheworld.org.
  • Sponsor Carolyn. Sponsorships will help catapult Carolyn toward reaching her goal. More importantly, sponsorships will empower underserved children and families with the much-needed safe water tools and education that bring lasting change. Every sponsor will be publicly recognized and featured in PWW social media and online posts, press releases, and other event communications. Contact us at info@purewaterfortheworld.org today and learn how your business can take the leap into changing lives!
  • Can’t jump? No worries! For every 5-feet of Carolyn’s journey down that you commit to fund ($10/foot), you will provide safe water and hygiene for one child, supplying the critical foundation to health, hope and opportunity. > Help fund Carolyn’s journey down.

“You don’t jump out of an airplane and stop halfway. It’s all the way.” – Jesse White

Learn more at: https://impact.purewaterfortheworld.org/jumpforsafewater.

Join us for Carolyn’s sky-high adventure. Let’s rise together and change lives by providing sustainable access to life’s most basic necessity…safe water.