Grateful Families in Northern Haiti

Our team recently followed-up with families in the northern region of Haiti, near Cap Haitien, talking with Community Agents and visiting 15 of the 100 homes that had received hygiene training and biosand water filters as part of a pilot project initiated in the community of Pistere last year.

We are thrilled to report that 100% of the filters visited are fully functioning, with all of the families using them consistently and correctly. All of the families enthusiastically reported improved health and expressed much gratitude for the safe water project.

Here is a sampling of quotes and photos from families we visited:

  • “All of the family is healthy with no more stomachaches. Thank God for bringing us clean water.”
  • “This project is very good for our health. Everyone in our family only drinks this water now. We have to drink it to feel good. This project is very good for the whole community.” 
  • “It is so great that, even if we had 10 filters, we would use all of them!” 
  • “This water is cool, fresh and keeps me healthy.”
  • “We used to have so many sicknesses with our children. Now we have none!”
  • “I never let my water run out. We are so thankful for this water and for good health.”
  • “Trés bon! …Very good water. We feel great. Everything now is great!” 
  • “We are empowered to take care of our own health now. There is a new sense of connection and community.”









We will be continuing our work in this area in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates.