Meet Madam Jacqueline, Mother of 5

This is Madam Jacqueline Fucien, the mother of five children, ages 10-26. They live in Pistère, Haiti, where PWW is working to empower families with reliable safe water and hygiene education programs.

Jacqueline’s family used to suffer with severe intestinal issues and diarrhea. Today, with their clean water filter and knowledge of healthy hygiene practices, they celebrate the family’s vastly improved health!

Jacqueline told PWW that, in addition to improved health, the family has been able to save money, since they no longer have to purchase treated water. They are able to shift these precious funds to purchase food and pay for school fees.

They are also experiencing a reduction in medical expenses, as the children rarely need to visit the health center anymore.

Safe water and hygiene has changed their lives.

“Before receiving their water filter, the Fucien family often experienced abdominal pain and diarrhea. Now all of the pain and diarrhea have decreased and even disappeared. The children and parents have also adopted favorable behavior changes related to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene). Everyone uses the water from the filter every day, which has promoted a reduction in water-related diseases.” – Jean Pape Ferolous, PWW Field Coordinator, Haiti

This life-changing work is possible thanks to the generous support of donors, like you!

You can help other families, like Jacqueline’s, experience the transformational benefits of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. All donations supporting PWW’s work in Haiti are being matched, 100%, through June 30th!