Pistère Family No Longer Walks 3 Hours for Water

Safe water was very difficult to come by for the Romain family.

Every week, the family spent three (3) hours walking from their home to find treated water to purchase. The long walk, combined with the prohibitive cost of the water, created a significant and relentless hardship on the entire family.

Today, the family celebrates freedom from this lifelong burden.

Jean Romain (pictured) is the father of three children, two sons and a daughter. They live in Pistère, a small community in the Limonade region of northern Haiti where the PWW team has been working to empower community members with safe water filters and essential hygiene education. (learn more)

“We no longer need to travel all of those kilometers to purchase treated water,” Romain shares as he sits proudly by the family’s new biosand water filter in their home. “The filter saves money and time for our family!” 

The Romain family is adjusting to life with their new filter, cherishing the precious funds and time saved by having reliable access to this most basic human necessity. This truly is a great cause for celebration. 

More families in Pistère are in need of reliable access to safe water.
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