Apollo Technology Group and AWT: Inspired Giving

Apollo Technology Group, a member of the Association of Water Technologies – AWT (PWW is AWT’s charity partner), has a long history of supporting clean water programs across the globe.

Apollo Technology Group was founded in 2019 by Allan Bly, a Chemical Engineer who has almost 40 years of experience working in the water treatment industry and delivering comprehensive water solutions. Based in Minnesota, with employees and customers across the United States, Apollo Technology Group is committed to delivering “robust solutions that impact our most precious commodity…water.”

This commitment to water is shared by fellow AWT members. It is foundational to Pure Water for the World, whose teams in Haiti and Honduras deliver robust safe water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) programs to families, schools, and healthcare facilities located in the most rural and underserved communities, where this most precious commodity of water is often scarce and commonly contaminated with harmful, and even deadly, pathogens.

This holiday season, Apollo Technology Group and the Bly Family Charitable Foundation are inviting AWT companies to join them in supporting safe water programs by donating to PWW. They are matching donations up to $50,000!

Visit the fundraiser at: https://impact.purewaterfortheworld.org/awtdoubleimpact.


“Clean water has always been the cradle of mankind’s ability to live and flourish. Today, unfortunately, where you live and the ability to get clean water decides the quality of your life, the level of education, your social status and your life expectancy. Until everyone can have this most basic need, many are trapped in poverty and squalor. To give this most basic need means freeing up the vast potential of millions around the world to create a better, more caring and sustainable planet.” – Allan Bly, CEO/Founder, Apollo Technology Group

Last holiday season, AWT hosted a phenomenal #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign to raise money for one of PWW’s most valuable tools…a durable, reliable truck that can withstand the extreme, unimproved roads, creeks and riverbeds that PWW teams in Honduras must travel on, and through, to reach the most rural communities.

AWT members, Sanipur US and Precision Chemical, offered donor match funds to help AWT members reach the $30,000 goal. On top of that, the Bly Family Charitable Foundation and Apollo Technology Group provided a challenge match, releasing an additional gift of $30,000 once AWT members reached the initial $30,000 goal. In the end, AWT members from across the country came together to exceed the goal!

The result of this impactful fundraising day meant that PWW was able to purchase a much-needed truck in Honduras, enabling the team to reach more families with life-changing safe water programs. The PWW Honduras team is so very grateful for this truck – note proud photos taken in the field (the team refers to the photo on the right as “Out of Africa”).

What’s more…PWW was able to purchase motorcycles for the team in Haiti. Motorcycles in Haiti have always been a very efficient form of transportation, but this year they played a critical role for the PWW team, as the country has faced a variety of unprecedented challenges, including extremely high fuel costs combined with very low fuel supply, along with road blockages that prevent larger vehicles from getting around.

The three motorcycles have, quite literally, kept the PWW team in Haiti moving forward this year, enabling them to continue delivering safe water and hygiene education programs to those living in underserved communities, located in the northern region of Limonade, where there is no infrastructure for water or sanitation.

This year, Apollo Technology Group and the Bly Family Charitable Foundation are inspired to do more.

Committed to ensuring people have reliable access to clean water, they are inviting AWT companies to join them, once again, in supporting PWW’s safe water programs.

As part of this inspired giving effort, Apollo Technology Group and the Bly Family Charitable foundation are matching donations shared by AWT members and employees, up to $50,000. Learn more.


“My hope is that this match will inspire other AWT companies and our own employees to help share the gift of clean water with families in Honduras and Haiti.” – Allan Bly.

These funds will create quite the impact! Reliable access to safe, clean water is a game-changer, and PWW will use the funds raised to deliver robust, life-changing safe water programs to thousands more people who live in communities where reliable access to safe water is simply not available.

This is a long-term investment that will provide children, families and communities with the lasting foundation for vastly improved health and the elimination of waterborne illnesses, not just for days or years, but for generations to come.

Over the past five years of partnership, AWT members have helped PWW reach >3,500 individuals and six (6) community schools with comprehensive safe water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) programs. This impactful fundraiser will enable PWW to reach thousands more.

Donate now to change lives!