La Chaîne, Haiti – A Community in Need

La Chaîne is a small, closely-knit neighborhood, made up of 60 families. La Chaîne is in the underserved community of Roucou, located in the Limonade region of northern Haiti.

The families in La Chaîne face numerous challenges in their daily lives. Lack of access to water is among the most critical. Water scarcity has a significant impact on the residents, particularly women, children, breastfeeding mothers, and newborns. The absence of reliable access to water leads to dire consequences.

PWW recently visited La Chaîne and witnessed the harsh reality of water when they met a young girl struggling to get water from a small hole. The young girl stood near a river bank that has dried up due to the lack of rain.

The PWW team arrived at the water point around noon and learned that the girl had been attempting to fill her water jug since about 8:00am. When the team asked if she goes to school, she replied that she does not. Instead, she is responsible for most of the chores at her home, including water collection, and cannot attend school because of these responsibilities. Each day, she makes multiple trips to the water point, taking up a significant amount of her day and requiring great physical exertion. She shared her wish for a better water source in the area to avoid the need for extensive travel.

While speaking with the girl, a woman arrived with her bucket to collect water. Her immediate disappointment was evident in her expression when she saw how little water was available. She has recently given birth to a baby, and the lack of access to water is incredibly challenging and creating great hardships.

Waiting for the water to slowly fill small cups, which is then poured into the water jugs, is both exhausting and time-consuming. What’s more, the water is not treated.

This story highlights the real struggles faced by residents of La Chaîne. Lack of access to safe water negatively impacts the daily lives of all of these families, particularly women and children who bear the burden of collecting water from distant locations. It impacts overall health and wellbeing, prevents girls from attending school, limits educational opportunities, hampers productivity, and restricts potential for economic growth.

The story of the little girl and woman serves as a poignant example of the adversities endured due to water scarcity. Their experiences underline the urgent need for a reliable, accessible water source in La Chaîne. Providing the community with this resource will not only alleviate their physical burdens, but it will empower them to lead healthier, more productive lives with greater opportunities.

La Chaîne stands as a testament to the pressing need for intervention and support. Access to clean water is not merely a matter of convenience but a fundamental human right. By addressing this issue, we can help improve the lives of the residents, particularly the most vulnerable members, and foster positive change within the community of La Chaîne.

PWW teams are committed to continuing working tirelessly to address critical water challenges, like the one facing families in La Chaîne, with robust and sustainable safe water solutions. We rely on generous donor support to continue this life-changing work.

Since 1999, PWW has served over 925,000 individuals, across more than 750 communities in Haiti and Honduras. With your financial support, we will continue reaching further, helping more children and families, and creating an even greater impact.

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