Follow-Up Reveals Positive Health and Economic Impact!

This week our team in Haiti, alongside Community Agents, visited the home of Jean Baptiste Nerlie, who lives in Bouchereau, a community of ~30 families. Jean Baptiste and her family benefited from PWW’s WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) training and household water treatment program in 2021.

Jean Baptiste told us that her family of 7 has been using their filter every day for the past 2 1/2 years (for cooking, cleaning, drinking and bathing) and that their filtered water combined with improved hygiene practices have been “very beneficial to our health.”

What’s more, Jean Baptiste’s family has enjoyed significant financial benefits. The family no longer has to spend 50 gourdes (Haitian dollar) every day to purchase a gallon of treated water. They have already realized a savings of 45,625 gourdes – that’s a $336 economic benefit in a region where the average income is <$2.50/day!

Jean Baptiste and her family are extremely grateful for the support of PWW. They offer their gratitude to PWW and the donors who made this impact possible.

Your donations deliver the lasting foundation for vastly improved health, renewed hope, and the opportunity for a more prosperous future! Mesi anpil! Thank you very much.