Three families you’ve helped this International Day of Families

Bartolo Reyes1. The Reyes Family –

Bartolo Reyes spends a lot of time climbing mountains. But he’s not a mountaineer in the traditional sense.

His community of Santa Rosa de las Quebradas is nestled in the lush mountains of Trojes. Yet despite the beautiful rolling green hills blanketed with coffee farms in this quiet corner of Honduras, the steep, winding mountain pathways Reyes frequents aren’t idyllic.

A dutiful grandfather, Reyes moved in with his son after his wife died three years ago. Determined to contribute to the family chores despite his advancing age, Reyes fetches water each day – a steep kilometer walk each way – for his family to use for drinking, cooking and bathing. But, the water was contaminated and made his family sick.

Several months ago, Santa Rosa de las Quebradas partnered with Pure Water for the World, and Reyes’ family received a biosand filter and latrine. Now, Reyes doesn’t have to trek up and down the mountain so much. He can use the bathroom safely near his home, and his walks to fetch water are made easier knowing that he has a way to filter it to reduce his family’s risk of waterborne illness.

“I am grateful for the help my family received from Pure Water for the World,” he said. He reported that the filter has improved the health of all of his family members. Reyes remains committed to maintaining these health gains and has become a community agent – a volunteer community representative who works with households to maintain their filters and latrines.

Marilu Olivera Palma- Santa Rosa2. The Palma Family –

A mother of four, Marilu Olivera Palma used to be anxious about her children’s health.

She spent a significant amount of time and money bringing her family to the doctor to be treated for diarrhea and parasites. She said it was because her two sons and two daughters consumed contaminated water.

“Nowadays, thanks to the biosand filter project from Pure Water for the World, I feel that this problem is over because the children don’t have parasites or diarrhea anymore,” she said. “Now we drink safe water. I feel more confident.”

family-with-latrine3. The Escobar Family –

Omar Escobar also lives in Santa Rosa de las Quebradas.

After his community partnered with Pure Water, his wife enthusiastically noted the health benefits she’s seen in her children:

“I express all my gratitude to Pure Water for the World for the filters and latrines that were provided to us. Before having the filter, my three children suffered from parasites and they often had stomach pain or diarrhea. I know that thanks to the filter, their health has improved. With the brand new latrine, we feel more secure because we don’t have to go in the open during the night.”

Friday, May 15 is the International Day of Families, a United Nations-designated day that provides an opportunity to promote awareness of social, economic and demographic issues affecting families. Pure Water for the World is working hard to reduce the burden of contaminated water and environments for families in Haiti and Honduras.